current state of the qt3.1. port

Ralf Habacker
Fri, 29 Nov 2002 22:42:25 +0100

Hi all,

a short report how to work on the current qt3 port.

1. download and install recent gcc 2.95.xx release

1. download the binutils patch from

2. install the tar file (on top of current binutils)

	$ cd /
	$ tar -xjf binut...

3. Check out the QT_CYGWIN_3_1_BRANCH of the qt-3 dir and

cvs co -r QT_CYGWIN_3_1_BRANCH qt-3

4. configure

	$ ./config.cygwin-thread

	this build qmake and all makefiles

5. build

	$ make

this build a first the qt library, then the tools and then the examples.
Currently compiling designer fails because of a uic seg fault in CRTStartup()
But you can compile the examples without any problems (as I have seen)

Note: qt3.1 recommands on the binutils patch, which allows direct linking to a
dll instead of an import library.
This let Linking be much faster than with previous ld releases. See thread "ld
snapshot for direct dll linking available".
So please recognize, that there are no import libraries for any builded library
containing in this package.