Now it crashes at another point

Ralf Habacker
Thu, 28 Nov 2002 21:53:41 +0100

> Now the KDE2 stops / krashes at another point.
> I see now the KDE Splash Screen until it blinks in the fourth icon.
> Then the screen is grey (the mouse is always running). And it's
> using during the start a lot of memory >800 MB. After a while i 
> get the message from KDE that it has crashed.

One question: Do you have rebind the executable and dll's. 
If so please reinstall kde. 

Then start single applications 

#<set environment>
# start xserver 
$ ~/.xserverrc & 

# start kdeinit: wait until the prompt comes back 
$ kdeinit

# start kdesktop: wait until kdesktop is visible 
$ kdesktop  &

# start kicker: wait until kicker is visible 
$ kicker &

# start window manager
$ kwin & 

# now try starting other apps 
$ kcminit & 

$ kded