Trevor Fields
Wed, 06 Nov 2002 17:51:14 -0700

Robert Collins wrote:

> On Thu, 2002-11-07 at 10:16, Martin Fuchs wrote:
> >On Wed 6. November 2002 20:47, Jason Boerner wrote:
> >
> >>Does setup work for anyone else?
> >>Every time I run the setup I get a message that says:
> >>"Can't open /install/setup.bz2 for reading: No such file or directory"
> >>followed by
> >>"Can't open /install/setup.ini for reading: No such file or directory"
> >
> >I got the same error.
> >Seems to me, the installer expexts a compressed version of setup.ini. 
> Hovever
> >on the ftp server there's only the uncompressed one.
> setup supports both setup.bz2 and setup.ini. The error indicates it
> *cannot find* either of them.
> Rob

Depends on the version of setup.exe  At least one of the versions had the 
problem on _not_ looking for setup.ini only setup.bz2 (and it complained 
that both were missing!)  Have you tried the currently available setup.exe? 
  I installed kde 1.1.2b with the version of the installer just a 
couple of days ago.
   The installation went fine except kfm.exe crashes when using a 
cygwin1.dll > 1.3.10-1   I have to look into this more though.  We cant go 
to kde2 because our machines here at work only have 256MB ram.

Best of Luck.