Work on KDE/QT native port to MS Windows started.

David Fraser
Tue, 24 Dec 2002 15:12:27 +0200

Holger Schroeder wrote:

>Hi all,
>the short form of this is: i started porting QT for X11 to Windows. I can
>already open a window on the screen and draw to it, but i will need a long
>time or some help to get the message passing stuff of windows integrated.
Brilliant news! I'm very keen to see this work.

>What works today:
>today you can download and inatall a version of kde 2.2 for cygwin. this is kde
>on windows with the restriction, that all kde windows are in a big XFree window.
>this is mainly like a vmware window running windows, only the other way around.
>from the normal user point of view this is not that cool, it is a proof of
>concept, but for example you can not play Tron, because the delay in the system
>is to big for that "fast" game.
By the way, a "managed" mode is busy being added to XFree86-cygwin where 
everything is in separate windows
instead of one big one. Not that this means this is not worthwhile, but 
I just thought I'd mention it for reference.