Work on KDE/QT native port to MS Windows started.

Chris January
Tue, 24 Dec 2002 12:00:04 -0000

> Hi all,
> the short form of this is: i started porting QT for X11 to Windows. I can
> already open a window on the screen and draw to it, but i will need a long
> time or some help to get the message passing stuff of windows integrated.
> discussion of this will be on
> And now the long one:
> QT on Windows native readme by holger...


> then you can download my qt-win sources from
> unpack them and compile them
> cd into the tutorial/t1 directory and type make, that should
> build the changed
> ./t1.exe. start it and see what it does.
> now you can start fiddling around with the sources. for now
> ignore all directories
> except /tutorial/t1 as this is the test program and /src/kernel
> as here are the
> files, that need to be adopted. the original files for X11 are
> named *_x11*,
> the windows ones i made with the X11 ones as templates are named *_win*.
> i changed the makefiles to not compile the _x11 ones but the _win ones.

The qmake sources supplied with X11 Qt2 still have the required logic to
compile the Windows version if you create an appropriate config file.

> the qpainter_win.cpp, qpixmap_win.cpp and qfont_win.cpp files are
> for drawing on
> the screen, you have to look here, if you want to make that better.
> when you want to get this message/event stuff working, you have
> to look into
> the qapplication_win.cpp and qwidget_win.cpp files.
> it was quite useful to me to look at the sources of the SDL library
> (, as they also open windows on the screen and
> draw to them, and

Please be careful what sources you look at as they need to have GPL
compatible licneses before you even *look* at them.

> the microsoft development network, search for it with
> gg:msdn gdi
> and you will find some relevant stuff, but for me mozilla was the
> better browser
> for those pages.

Mozilla cokes on some of the CSS used by the Microsoft website :-(

> Happy hacking !
> i plan to get a sf account and create a branch in the kde-cygwin
> qt-2 repository,
> if i am allowed to do so. i will spend the next two months
> hacking on this, let's
> see how far we will come until then.

Rock on!
I started a branch once, but didn't get very far. I managed to get the Win32
build system working, but never ported the _x11.cpp files.

Please keep us informed of your progress. I will help out wherever I can, so
please start a CVS branch.