qt 3.1 port planing

Ralf Habacker kde-cygwin@mail.kde.org
Wed, 4 Dec 2002 07:57:40 +0100

> On Tuesday 26 November 2002 06:24 pm, Ralf Habacker wrote:
> > If you don't know how to, see below.
> >
> > $cd <your qt-3-snapshot>
> > $cvs import -m "QT 3.1.0 rc2 Release" qt-3 QT_IMPORT qt_3_1_0_rc2
> Most of the conflicts are with the $Id$ tags in the files again. Why is this
> happening? More importantly, why don't I get these issues with the other open
> source projects I contribute to?
See http://www.cvshome.org/docs/manual/cvs_13.html#SEC105

"13.5 How to handle keyword substitution with cvs import

The sources which you are importing may contain keywords (see section 12.
Keyword substitution). For example, the vendor may use CVS or some other system
which uses similar keyword expansion syntax. If you just import the files in the
default fashion, then the keyword expansions supplied by the vendor will be
replaced by keyword expansions supplied by your own copy of CVS. It may be more
convenient to maintain the expansions supplied by the vendor, so that this
information can supply information about the sources that you imported from the

To maintain the keyword expansions supplied by the vendor, supply the `-ko'
option to cvs import the first time you import the file.
This will turn off keyword expansion for that file entirely, so if you want to
be more selective you'll have to think about what you want and use the `-k'
option to cvs update or cvs admin as appropriate.

The main problem is here, that the basic copy comes from kde, which I have used
for the first import does not contain cvs keywords and because of this I haven't
used the -ko option as described above.

Another way to avoid such things seems to me to remove such tags from the source
before importing.