[Issue N11069] Questioin about qt cygwin port

Robert Collins kde-cygwin@mail.kde.org
02 Dec 2002 00:28:45 +1100

On Sun, 2002-12-01 at 13:50, qt-bugs@trolltech.com wrote:

> > Yes, cygwin in general has performance problems with file io, which I
> > have
> > inspected some month ago, but was unable to fix. :-( It may be that
> > there are
> > some guys in the future, who are able to fix this, but in the
> > meantime,
> > especially for kde on cygwin, this patches are necessary to ensure a
> > minimum
> > performance.
> I see.
> If I get the time to install Cygwin on a Windows machine some day, I'll
> maybe see whether Cygwin can be improved. We usually prefer to get
> errors fixed in 3rd party tools and libraries instead of adding tons of
> workarounds in Qt. Anyway... for now I don't have Cygwin installed.

Cygwin is a general purpose POSIX layer, and as in nearly any general
purpose solution, there are tradeoff's. We are always interested in
improving cygwin though :}.