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Sun, 14 Apr 2002 20:47:17 +0200

> > Do kde-cygwin patches go back into the main kde tree?
> > If so, are the changes being learnt from kde-2 being
applied to kde3?
> > If the changes are not in the same tree, why not?
> IIRC, the majority of changes are configuration,
> autotool issues, etc. These (in theorey) should be fixed
now -
> although I haven't tried to compile KDE 3.0 out-of-the-box
under Cygwin yet!
> (I'll make a > mental note to do so in
> the near future). Some are speed-up issues that only apply
to Windows (e.g.
> using Win32 native calls instead of Cygwin ones) and it
doesn't make much
> sense to back-port these. Other things are bugs that only
> themselves under Windows or fringe operating systems -
these have been fixed
> in KDE 3 already.
> I'm sure Ralf will be able to explain things in a
> little more detail, but I hope that helps. I'll add this
topic to the FAQ.

There is only little to to add. Currently there are some
patches applied to the
kde tree.

1. KDE2 uses ':' in filenames, which isn't allowed under
   (and I have heard in some other os too). Waldo Bastian
   applied this patch to KDE3.

2. Additional some minor changes in the
kde-common/admin/Makefile.common are applied.
   This belongs for example for problems with original
upper/lower case names used
   like SUBDIRS subdirs, which are under windows are the
same and some targets added to
   the .PHONY target, which are caused by upper/lower case
problems like cvs: and CVS dir
   and other.

There are some patches caused by the auto-import concept
(basically this is a problem of the
windows runtime concept), which prohibits referencing to
global vars in dll's with an
offset != 0.
These patches has to be applied to all further kde/qt
releases (if compiled with g++) and
they are possibly candidates for applying to the kde tree.

But anyway, the original kde source and any changes we've
made is in the cvs, so it is
no problem to apply any changes to the kde tree at any time
(and if the kde maintainer like


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