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At last I have heard from an alpha release of the libw11 project on 2001 december.
You can take a look on the libw11 sourceforge project by yourself.

Another and probably better way for archiving your goals seems to me in using
a win32 native qt library because kde (as I have seen in kde 2.2.2) could be
build without the x lib.
Because ReactOS is a NT clone and has the api, that the win32-qt release needs
this would be a good choice.

One problem currently is, that there is no g++ compiled win32-qt release.
I see two way to deal with this: 
1. Someone buy a qt lib, port it to g++ and release the dll. 
2. Someone takes the x11-qt release and write the win32 related qt classes.
(see faq for this topic)


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