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Thu, 19 Oct 2000 12:31:08 GMT

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Author: neundorf
Thu Oct 19 12:31:07 UTC 2000

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	kanu.cpp kanu.h kanu.desktop README 
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I intend this to become a replacement for the man2html and khtml stuff.

It renders most pages correctly, I don't think it creates worse pages
than the KDE1 or KDE2 man2html scripts.

It is *much* faster !
The bash manpage takes about 40 seconds to load with the current KDE2
man2html and khtml stuff on my K6 200 while playing mp3's with xmms,
it takes about 5 seconds to load with this new kpart and still playing mp3's

this update includes many improvements against the prior version, much
better conversion.

Maybe you have to update your application/x-troff-man.desktop to make KDE2
recognize also gzipped man pages.


P.S. currently I'm not subscribed to the kde-cvs mailing list, so either CC
to me directly or to kde-devel or kde-core-devel