Alex Zepeda jazepeda@pacbell.net
Wed, 18 Oct 2000 16:05:18 -0700

On Mon, Oct 16, 2000 at 08:25:24PM -0400, Dawit Alemayehu wrote:

> BTW, Supports blah; is useless!!!  I have yet to see any server that
> picks on that stuff!!  It is not part of any HTTP spec!!  It is a nice
> idea and Alex was dreaming when he put that stuff there.  He did it
> because he did not want to make the UserAgent stuff configurable...

Pfft.  This from the guy who abuses the User-Agent (maybe crack too eh?)
for purposes that are expressly prohibited by the HTTP spec.  Speaking of
dreaming...  Anyways, while I think that a configurable user-agent string
is arguably a good idea, I *still* think that the default string should be
honest.  In fact it was on my list of things to make time to do
(configurable useragentstring).  Proof that stupid assumptions make stupid
people?  Grr.  However, the code you speak of was merely for debugging
purposes, not for use by the server.  Oops, again have I mentioned NO
sever (regardless of whether or not they do) is supposed to act on
ANYTHING sent by the useragent string.  Perhaps it's time for you to sit
down and READ the HTTP draft.

- alex