Notice regarding upcoming gitlab migration

Bhushan Shah bshah at
Fri May 15 10:18:48 BST 2020

Good afternoon!

This email is regarding the upcoming gitlab migration which sysadmins
are planning to action this weekend.

-- Timeline --

At the moment we are intending to perform a bulk migration of all
repositories from to on 16 May 2020.

We plan to start this migration from saturday 03:00 UTC / 05:00 CEST.
When this transition commences, and will
be made read-only.

Following this, the current system will be kept active in a read-only
configuration for two weeks (until 30 May 2020) to allow for everyone
to smoothly transition local clones and any automated systems over to
the new Gitlab setup.

-- New releases --

Since this migration also requires changes on the translation
infrastructure side, maintainers should not make new releases starting
from today until migration is completed on both source hosting and
translations infrastructure side.

At this time we anticipate that complete update of the other associated
infrastructure (including translations) may take up to a week and
therefore recommend that projects reschedule any releases (apart from
security fixes) to take place after 25 May 2020.

-- Tooling --

To assist developers with the transition process, Sysadmin has
developed a utility ('git kpull') which once setup on a developers
system will automatically migrate any to
the new structure automatically, before proceeding with a regular 'git
pull' when run in a Git repository.

Additionally, as some developers had concerns regarding locating
repositories, an additional utility known as 'git kclone' is being
shipped as well. This will allow developers to run "git kclone
<identifier>" to clone a repository.

In the majority (95%) of cases we expect "<identifier>" to be
identical to the repository name (frameworks/kcoreaddons being
kcoreaddons for instance), however where the name is common (such as
'dialer') then it will be prefixed by the name of the originating
project (so maui/dialer would have an identifier of maui-dialer)
following the convention we use at the moment for projects wishing to
have a repository using a common name.

It should be noted that 'git kclone' is also able to perform bulk
clones based on wildcard patterns (which you could use to clone all
frameworks by running "git kclone frameworks/*" for example)

Instructions on how to set this up on your system will be sent out
after the migration.

-- Continuous Integration --

Following the migration, we will continue to use our existing Jenkins
based setup. Migration to using Gitlab for CI purposes will take place
at a later date once the necessary adjustments to the CI
infrastructure have been completed.

During the intervening time CI capability will be available on Gitlab
for evaluation and testing purposes only.

This is not supported as a standard production level service by
Sysadmin and therefore should not be relied upon by projects as part
of their workflow.

-- Tasks --

Tasks will be migrated from Phabricator at a future point in time.
These will remain on Phabricator for the time being and are not
affected by the migration.

Projects wishing to start entirely new boards and not needing to work
with  existing boards on Phabricator should feel free to begin making
use of their new Gitlab boards following the migration.

-- Migration from Phabricator --

Existing code reviews will not be migrated from Phabricator as part of
this migration process and will need to be completed using the usual
process on Phabricator. It is expected that following the completion
of the migration of code hosting that no further new reviews will be
started on Phabricator.

Please note that because Phabricator is dependent on the existing setup, once those are shutdown the hooks
that automatically close reviews will no longer operate.

Tasks will be migrated in a future step, following which Phabricator
will be shutdown. Based on initial testing we expect to be able to
provide a static copy of Phabricator (for reviews only as tasks will
have been migrated at this stage) for long term archival purposes.

-- Conclusion --

Should anyone have any questions regarding the above, please let us know
at sysadmin at

Bhushan Shah
KDE Sysadmin team
IRC Nick : bshah on Freenode
GPG key fingerprint : 0AAC 775B B643 7A8D 9AF7 A3AC FE07 8411 7FBC E11D
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