Gitlab update, 2FA now mandatory

Ben Cooksley bcooksley at
Sun Oct 23 07:32:23 BST 2022

Hi all,

This afternoon I updated to the latest version of Gitlab,
Release notes for this can be found at

There isn't much notable feature wise in this release, however there have
been some bug fixes surrounding the "Rebase without Pipeline"
functionality that was introduced in an earlier update.

As part of securing Invent against recently detected suspicious activity I
have also enabled Mandatory 2FA, which Gitlab will ask you to configure
next time you access it. This can be done using either a Webauthn token
(such as a Yubikey) or TOTP (using the app of choice on your phone)

Should you lose access to your 2FA device you can obtain a recovery token
to log back in via SSH, see
for more details on this.

Please let us know if there are any queries on the above.

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