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Albert Astals Cid aacid at
Sat Oct 15 23:16:40 BST 2022

El dijous, 13 d’octubre de 2022, a les 8:52:26 (CEST), Megan va escriure:
> Hello everyone,
> The /ghostwriter/ Markdown editor has finally hatched from its
> incubation and is ready for you to review at your convenience.
> Project repo:
> Project website:
> Note: ghostwriter currently uses QtLinguist for translations. However, I
> plan to transition it to ki18n as soon as I can.  Any help you can
> provide would be appreciated, of course!

If you're going to change something as core to an app as the i18n system I 
wouldn't say we're done for review stage yet. Or maybe you don't need to 
change it?

anyhow here's my quick look

I have lots of actions with the ¿same icon? is that supposed to be like that 
or we just don't have those in breeze?

You have both a CMakeLists and a qmake pro. I'd suggest to remove one, 
specially the pro one, maintaining 2 build systems will only bring you 

You have 4 libs in the 3rdparty folder, is there any chance to use actual 
dependencies and not copied code?

Using KXmlGui would maybe make sense?

When running i get
  Command "pandoc" is not available.
  Command "multimarkdown" is not available.
  Command "cmark" is not available.
on the command line, "normal" users will start the app via the menu and won't 
get to see that.

The theme choose dialog only has "Close", i'm guess that "ok" would make more 
sense given that it sets the new theme when pressing it? I may be wrong there, 
so feel free to disagree (well here and with everything :D)

For some reason it thinks my language is the valencian variant of catalan, 
when it should be non-variant catalan one.

There seems to be a huge memory leak regarding sonnet and CmarkGfm usage, see 
what valgrind tells me


> Thanks so much!
> Megan

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