KJournald in KDE-Review

Aleix Pol aleixpol at kde.org
Mon Oct 10 14:34:30 BST 2022

On Sun, Oct 9, 2022 at 7:18 PM Andreas Cord-Landwehr
<cordlandwehr at kde.org> wrote:
> Hi, after a few releases over the past year, I would like to get KJournald
> included in KDE application releases. This project is about providing both an
> QItemModel abstraction library for the C-style journald API and providing an
> efficient graphical browser for journald logs.
> Sysadmins moved the repository to KDE Review today, you can find the source
> code here:
> https://invent.kde.org/libraries/kjournald
> (flatpack packaging is also available for easy trying it out)
> Even though KJournald is currently contained in the "libraries" playground
> module, I would like to get it included in the "utilities" module after
> passing KDE Review. The reason is that at the moment I more focus on the
> application part and that is the most user-facing part. Having it in
> "utilities" thus will avoid confusion.
> Looking forward for your review comments!

I'm a bit confused by the context.

It's placed in libraries although it seems like system would be the
place for it.

I see there's a library, are you planning on maintaining compatibility
there? Are there other users? If there's no users outside, it could
make sense to skip installing headers until there is a use-case,
otherwise you might see yourself tied to an ABI unnecessarily.


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