Tokodon in KDE Review

Tobias Fella fella at
Thu Nov 24 15:19:33 GMT 2022


- Reuse lint is almost happy, would be nice to complete that and have it 
in the CI

- As reported in 461846, some icons aren't visible

- The "Global" view doesn't open for me and complains

qrc:/content/ui/main.qml:162: ReferenceError: TimelineType is not defined

Other than that it works well :)



On 11/24/22 15:00, Carl Schwan wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> I would like to put Tokodon in KDE Review. Tokodon is mastodon client, I have
> been working for some time already. I already did some unstable release and I
> would like to soon release the first stable release. The source code
> is available here:
> It is still missing a lot of Mastodon features (lists, support for custom emojies,
> displaying and sending polls, ...) but the current feature sets make it usable
> already. And I am slowly adding more features.
> Cheers,
> Carl
> PS: if someone has insight about this crash deep in the QML engine, I would be
> welcome some help
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