Kirigami Addons in KDEReview

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Sat May 28 18:56:15 BST 2022

Le samedi 28 mai 2022 à 4:56 PM, Sandro Knauß <mail at> a écrit :

> Hey,


Sorry about dropping the ball on this KDE review request. I was more interested
at that time mostly the treeview luging and not so much about the time and date
module and my interest in fixing the issues there was not great.

Like you said the time picker improved a bit since the issue was brought up, so
let's move this project back to KDE Review and wait 2 weeks.

It would help us in Kalendar, since we are currently vendoring the tree view plugin
and have a  duplication of the date picker.

Additionally to the two MRs pointed out, there were also a few more improvements:

- The TreeView is not working with RTL layouts and has better keyboard navigation
- The project is now fully 'reuse' compliant


> any news for kirigami-addons getting out of review? I strongly vote for
> getting it out of review or at least release a new 0.3.
> So far I can tell master has a lot improved Date picker, that at least for my
> usage ( laptop with mouse) I could now use ktrip to select a date and time
> yeah.
> It is a bit of a pitty, that there is software based on kirigami-addons
> release ( ktrip and initarary). That currently has no useful time/date picker,
> when you don't build from master branch. I tested that on my librem 5 with
> postmasker OS, as they ship kirigami-addons v0.2 and I wanted to use ktrip and
> had no possibility to change the time...
> > I would like to see
> > fixed first
> > as the date picker is sort of almost unusable right now.
> I can understand, that releasing a not really useful timepicker is not nice -
> but than at least to regular unstable releases. And there is a lot of
> improvments since 0.2. Some highlights:
> regards,
> hefee
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