Plasma Bigscreen is in kdereview again

Aditya Mehra aix.m at
Thu May 5 17:23:14 BST 2022


Plasma Bigscreen is in KDE Review again, it was in review the last time and as development went on, we did not leave playground and the review was dropped on our part, sorry. I would like to request you to please review Plasma Bigscreen again as we would like to make a release for it. The repository url is

Plasma Bigscreen project consist of a containment for Plasma aimed at a Smart TV interface, it is host to a grid based tile launcher for applications and some specific kcms like wifi, audio devices, launcher settings, and kde connect which can all be navigated with just a usb based remote, hdmi cec connected tv remote, kde connect bigscreen plugin or arrow key navigation on a keyboard.

The project is also integrated with the Mycroft voice assistant open source project, to supports voice commands and Mycroft skills QML interface for providing graphical voice applications.

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