KSANECore in KDE review

Alexander Stippich a.stippich at gmx.net
Sun Mar 27 17:29:18 BST 2022

Hello everyone,

KSANECore is now in KDE review. Kåre and I mentioned it in previous emails 
before, but as a short summary:
KSANECore is a Qt interface to the SANE scanner library. It is stripped out of 
the KSaneWidget of libksane without any QWidget dependency. It is currently  
located inside the libksane repository as KSaneCore and basically just copied 
into the new repository.

Due to breaking API anyway, the code was cleaned up, better named as well as 
smaller API fixes made on top. Also, KSANECore is fully REUSE compliant.
KSaneWidget of libksane will remain ABI compatible.

I don't know if it is strictly required to move the new repo with already 
existing code through KDE review, but I guessed it is better to be on the safe 
side :) 

The plan is to switch libksane and Skanpage over to the new library during the 
KDE Gear 22.08 release cycle. The adaptions are located at

Best regards,

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