Submitting KTextTemplate for KF6

Stephen Kelly steveire at
Sat Mar 5 17:00:15 GMT 2022

On 26/02/2022 10:38, Volker Krause wrote:
> On Sonntag, 20. Februar 2022 16:02:59 CET Stephen Kelly wrote:
>> Hello,
>> The Qt 5 based Grantlee libraries were depended on by some KDE applications.
>> For Qt 6, I've created a separate repo for KTextTemplate for one of the
>> Grantlee libraries. The other library is separate and can be dealt with
>> separately.
>> Currently the code lives here:
>> I'd like to get the process moving on getting this reviewed and into KF6.
>> It's not clear to me what the next step is. I tried googling terms like
>> "how to submit a library to kde frameworks", but didn't find anything
>> useful.
>> describes how to build
>> frameworks, but not how to submit a new one.
>> I've checked and I can still use, so it would be good if
>> there is a standard process I can follow for the rest.
> I don't think the process of integrating a so far external project into
> Frameworks happened often enough for this to be documented as a streamlined
> process. I'd suggest the following steps:
> (1) Import the repo into
> (2) Go through the KDE Review process
> (3) Request inclusion into Frameworks
> Happy to see this moving :)

Ok. I was thinking there might be some 'review' area of invent.k.o, but 
I've just made

Does that satisfy (1)?

I think there are changes like CamelCase headers to conform to KF6 
norms. I'm not sure if others can help with that now. Can any KDE 
account push to the above repo?



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