Request to bump QT_MIN_VERSION to 5.15.2 for whole Plasma

Albert Astals Cid aacid at
Mon Jun 27 22:35:20 BST 2022

For some reason Ömer decided to send the email to two different places but 
without CC, this has been handled in kde-devel ml


El diumenge, 26 de juny de 2022, a les 14:06:09 (CEST), Ömer Fadıl USTA va 
> Hello everyone,
> Right now plasma projects' minimum depends on KF >5.90 and after KF5.86 its
> thus keeping QT_MIN_VERSION as 5.15.0 is meaningless and it also causes
> problems such as in this merge :
> So I am suggesting to bump all plasma project's QT_MIN_VERSION to 5.15.2
> I will be glad to get some replies and want to hear what are your opinions
> about this
> Thank you
> Ömer Fadıl Usta
> PGP key : 0xfd11561976b1690b

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