Eloquens now on KDEREVIEW

Harald Sitter sitter at kde.org
Tue Jun 21 20:24:39 BST 2022

On Mon, Jun 20, 2022 at 10:30 PM Felipe Kinoshita <kinofhek at gmail.com> wrote:
> For those who don't know, Eloquens is a simple application targeted at developers/designers, it generates the lorem ipsum text and allows you to customize it a little bit like adding heading, bullet lists, etc...
> I would also like to ask if it would be possible for it to be released along with KDE Gear.


Link for would be reviewers https://invent.kde.org/sdk/eloquens

I mostly have some nit picks:

Your saveWindowGeometryTimer  seems like a huge hack. Why not simply
disable the Connections object when the window is not visible (or only
turn it enabled when the window is fully initialized). There is
absolutely no guarantee that the window will be in a good state after
1 second. It may be 5 it may be 10 it may be 30.

In main.qml you really shouldn't hardcode font.family: "Liberation
Serif";. If you want a serif font then simply use `serif`.

Could you elaborate why your config.kcfg uses Ints for everything when
you clearly want booleans (e.g. `Config.code == 1 ? true : false`)

In Controller::fetch() you can declare and initialize `reply` in the
same line. For the connect in there should pass `this` as third
argument (not passing a context object is usually bad practice cause
the lambda may get called past the captured variable's life)

In App your destructor is unnecessary. You can remove it entirely - it
violates the rule of five. There's also a dangling private: in the

You might want to consider using the reuse-lint template to assert
that reuse compliance doesn't regress

some desktop file validation: (the last point is because
SingleMainWindow isn't actually a valid key, you should remove it I

org.kde.eloquens.desktop: hint: value "Qt;KDE;Development;Utility;"
for key "Categories" in group "Desktop Entry" contains more than one
in category; application might appear more than once in the application menu
org.kde.eloquens.desktop: error: file contains key "SingleMainWindow"
in group "Desktop Entry", but keys extending the format should start
with "X-"

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