KDE Frameworks 5.95.0 released

David Faure faure at kde.org
Sun Jun 12 20:35:36 BST 2022

12th June 2022. KDE today announces the release of KDE Frameworks 5.95.0.

KDE Frameworks are 83 addon libraries to Qt which provide a wide
variety of commonly needed functionality in mature, peer reviewed and well
tested libraries with friendly licensing terms. For an introduction see


  tag:/ better handle uds name field (bug 449126)

Extra CMake Modules

  fix linking on OpenBSD
  ECMQtDeclareLoggingCategory: drop support for Qt < 5.4
  ECMAddQtDesignerPlugin: drop support for Qt < 5.9
  ECMAddQtDesignerPlugin: fix support for Qt6
  ECMAddQtDesignerPlugin: fix missing FeatureSummary include
  KDEGitCommitHooks: Fix quoting of variables


  KArchive::addLocalDirectory: preserve empty directories
  Fix zstd KCompressionDevice not compressing as much as it could
  Always delete device if we created it (bug 432726)


  Make the Calendar::accessMode property actually accessible from QML
  Don't heap allocate ICalFormatImpl in ICalFormat::Private
  Don't remove the hasGeo property for Qt6, just make it read-only
  Change Calendar::sortX() methods to work in-place
  Initialize all fields in a default constructed Attendee object
  Add Duration <-> iCal string conversion methods to ICalFormat
  Deprecate largely unused rawEventsForDate overload


  KPluginDelegate: reserve space for subtitle
  KPluginSelector: animate placeholder appearance
  KPluginSelector: Don't show placeholder message immediately upon load
  KPluginSelector: fix placeholder location
  AboutPlugin.qml: Do not use translation function when we only have one value
  [kcmultidialog] Fix crash in clear()


  Change "Actual Size" shortcut's text to "Zoom to Actual Size"


  Change "Actual Size" Action's text to "Zoom to Actual Size"
  KRecentFilesAction: remove the corresponding element in m_recentActions when calling removeAction(action)
  KRecentFilesAction: refactor some code related to removing an action
  KRecentFilesAction: do not reuse removed actions and adding an URL that is already in the menu
  Allow specifying a Qt::ConnectionType in KStandardAction::create


  Re-enable vCard CATEGORIES export


  New: KMemoryInfo class
  KPluginFactory: Create un-deprecated overload to register CreateInstanceWithMetaDataFunction
  KSignalHandler: add error warnings when reading or writing signal
  KPluginFactory: Provide better context in error message if instance could not be created
  KJob: add method to check if job was started with exec()
  New util ksandbox
  KDirWatch: handle IN_Q_OVERFLOW events (bug 387663)
  KListOpenFilesJob: check lsof executable exist in PATH before starting it with QProcess
  KAboutData: improve the API docs for LicenseKey enum


  qmlcontrols: bump `QtQuick` import version to 2.15 for GridViewInternal
  QmlObject: Use std::shared_ptr to properly track the lifetime of QQmlEngine (bug 451790)
  Move type registrations to the plugin initialization
  calendareventsplugin: Add label property
  calendareventsplugin: Add support for alternate dates and sub-labels (bug 429882)

KDE WebKit

  This is going to be gone in KF6


  Encapsulate duplicate code in a local function
  Properly create lists of items
  Use KWindowSystem to request activation tokens if necessary (bug 453748)

KDE GUI Addons

  WaylandClipboard: DataControlSource: delete m_mimeData in dtor (bug 454590)
  keysequence: Fix race between recording and currentKeySequence
  keysequence: Fix warning message about sequence size to be more precise
  keysequence: Replace magic number 4 with enum constant

KHolidays #

  Work around qmlplugindump crashing on gadget singletons


  Remove support for Java applets


  Directly load catalogs from Android assets
  Port to ECMQmlModule


  psd: Fix segfault on architectures where char is unsigned (like ARM)


  KInit is going to be deprecated in KF6


  KCoreUrlNavigator: add urlSelectionRequested signal (bug 453289)
  kio_file: fix data race on static user cache (bug 454619)
  file_unix: use thread id rather than pid for filehelper socket
  [KDirOperator] Add option to show hidden files last
  [KFileItemDelegate] Add a semi-transparent effect to the labels of hidden files
  PreviewJob: Resolve parent mime types before checking wildcards (bug 453480)
  [kemailclientlauncherjob] Allow setting BCC
  TrashSizeCache: fix parsing of directory cachesize file and improve code
  DirectorySizeJob: use targetUrl as url
  KFileItem: GetStatusBarInfo: Improve display for urls
  KDirModel: don't nuke query and fragment in URLs
  [KFilePlacesView] Show inline eject button only for removable drives (bug 453890)
  [KFilePlacesView] Don't show capacity bar for network shares
  kpasswdserver: fix mistake
  rfc search provider: Fix URL
  Skip generation of KCM symlinks on windows
  KCMs: Define plugin id to match the desktop file name
  Embed json metadata in KCMs, port to new systemsettings namespaces
  quickfix crash if element not found, we want to use the range erase here
  Add env var KIO_ENABLE_WORKER_THREADS in case of trouble
  Implement running KIO workers in-process using a thread
  [StatJob] Set total amount to 1 Item
  KSambashare: handle "Weak crypto is allowed" error message
  dropjob: don't create PasteJob when `m_hasArkFormat` is true
  KFileWidget: initialize KFilePlaceModel before KUrlNavigator
  [previewjob] Deduplicate legacy plugins based on desktop file name instead of pluginId


  Add tools-report-bug to kirigami_package_breeze_icons (bug 454735)
  Wrap license text in AboutItem (bug 454738)
  OverlaySheet: Always restart the open animation if we abort due to size changes
  InlineMessage: Better multiline calculation
  Show tooltip for collapsed "Open Sidebar" button (bug 453771)
  [ColumnView] Don't leak SeparatorItems (bug 453201)
  controls/private: Allow customizing `heightMode` in `ToolBarPageHeader`
  controls: Add `SelectableLabel` component to enable text selection in label
  Handle NavigationTabButton without icon


  Don't use menu as transientParent (bug 454895)
  Engine: Provide getter for the pageSize property
  Adjust KMoreTools headers installation
  Relayout header installation location
  EntryDetails: Make summary text selectable
  Fix QtQuickDialogWrapper dialog not being usable in konsole (bug 452593)
  Fix crash if entry gets deleted (bug 454010)
  Add missing translation domain (bug 453827)
  Reuse instances of QFileSystemWatcher for KNSCore::Cache


  RunnerContext: Call addMatch(QList<QueryMatch) internally when addMatch(QueryMatch) is called
  RunnerContext::addMatch: Fix broken handling of relevance for often launched entries
  DBusRunner: Avoid double lookup of match properties
  DBusRunner: Add multiline value to property map of RemoteMatch


  kbuildsycoca: Ignore last modified time when set to UNIX Epoch (bug 442011)


  Don't add empty dictionary to context menu
  Fix whitespace slider & group text related options
  Ensure to keep special dictionary setting on replaced word
  Observe changes on textChanged for QSpinBox (bug 453978)
  Export multi cursors to JS
  Add multi cursor API
  Add suggestion on top of context menu
  Avoid calling slightly expensive contextMenu() twice
  Ensure next right click works properly if there was a selection
  Protect replaceWordBySuggestion against segfault
  Support to change dictionary on words and selections
  Oops! Fix permanent active misspelled range after word selection
  Add misspelled word to spell menu action
  Properly support to fix selected words by spell check
  Move spellcheck entry in context menu on top
  Don't track mouse move for spellcheking
  Add an action to remove cursors from empty lines
  Add methods to set/get cursors and selections


  Add "sq [thing]" as activation trigger for various common area measurements (bug 448868)
  Match singular form in user input for tea/tablespoon (bug 451278)


  Add AppletPopup window type to PlasmaShellSurface (bug 332512)
  Raise minimum plasma-wayland-proto version to 1.7.0
  Fix include dir in the generated pri file
  client: Bump plasmashell version to 7 (bug 453578)


  Update kcharselect-data to Unicode 14.0
  KMessageDialog: handle the dialog getting closed without using the buttonBox


  Add a new window type named AppletPopup (bug 332512)


  KShortcutsDialog: hide Global columns when there are no Global shortcuts (bug 427129)
  Silence UBSan false positive in KActionCollection

Plasma Framework

  Dialog should use the Dock type unless requested otherwise (bug 454635)
  Do not send all windows below the dialog when window type is AppletPopup
  Use QT_FEATURE_foo to detect opengl* support, and TARGET for glesv2
  extras/Representation: Bump QML imports
  extras/Representation: Fix indentation
  Disable spacing around ActionTextFields action-row when it is empty
  Disable undo operation for PlasmaExtras PasswordField
  breeze/widgets: Make analog clock follow accent color
  KDeclarative::ConfigPropertyMap has been deprecated since 5.89
  extras/PasswordField: Fix imports and docs
  PC3 ScrollView: Move contentItem clipping hack into a Binding component
  PC3 ScrollView: Drop support for nullable ScrollBars
  PC3 ScrollView: Remove id from a scrollbar
  PC3 ScrollView: Fix ScrollBar.active property
  Dialog: Expose QQuickItem instead and cast to AppletQuickItem in C++
  Implement resize capability for Plasma dialog (bug 332512)
  Use size_t for qHash return values
  Protect against missing KService lib when building without deprecations
  Plasma:PluginLoader: Add missing fwd of KPluginInfo
  Plasma::Theme: Add accessor for metadata
  ExpandableListItem: Refactor JavaScript expression to use newer features
  [Calendar] Wheel year on year view and decade on decade view
  Use QSFPM::setFilterRegularExpression everywhere
  Remove author data, name and description from package metadata files
  plasmaquick: fix a memory leak caused by `qmlRegisterType`
  containmentinterface: Change wallpaper plugin in dropjob action
  Revert "IconItem: Allow specifying a custom loader"


  Fix decimal/hexadecimal mix-up in the binary detection heuristic
  Simplify headers installation location
  cmake: add purpose property to 3d-party libraries
  Handle video frames with a non-standard row stride correctly as well


  Buttons: Press F to pay respects
  DelayButton: Fix invalid id references in transition/animation
  ProgressBar,Slider: Draw position smoothly with greater precision
  ProgressBar: Fix rendering of visual position when `from` is non-zero
  ProgressBar: Replace hardcoded redraw interval with frame-based animations
  RoundButton: Fix expression block may return nothing (undefined)
  ScrollView: Stop passing down `enabled` property to the ScrollBars explicitly
  ScrollView: Drop support for nullable ScrollBars
  ComboBox: Use qualified ListView.view attached property in delegate
  ComboBox: Remove workaround for `editable` property from Qt 5.7 times
  ComboBox: Use rect type for rect property
  Fix overlapping scrollbar (bug 453958)
  Relayout the scrollbar when non interactive
  Remove code that was only used with Qt <5.8


  Try to load en_US for LANG=C (bug 410113)
  Don't warn, just debug about not loadable plugin
  Unload skipped/already loaded plugin

Syntax Highlighting

  Avoid spell checking in diffs
  Avoid unprefixed CamelCase headers generated directly in build dir (bug 453759)
  Bash: fix comments in double braces (bug 450878)
  systemd unit: update to systemd v251
  debchangelog: add Kinetic Kudu

Security information

The released code has been GPG-signed using the following key:
pub rsa2048/58D0EE648A48B3BB 2016-09-05 David Faure <faure at kde.org>
Primary key fingerprint: 53E6 B47B 45CE A3E0 D5B7  4577 58D0 EE64 8A48 B3BB


David Faure, faure at kde.org, http://www.davidfaure.fr
Working on KDE Frameworks 5

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