KDE Frameworks 5.88.0 released

David Faure faure at kde.org
Sat Nov 13 11:25:18 GMT 2021

13th November 2021. KDE today announces the release of KDE Frameworks 5.88.0.

KDE Frameworks are 83 addon libraries to Qt which provide a wide
variety of commonly needed functionality in mature, peer reviewed and well
tested libraries with friendly licensing terms. For an introduction see


  Add Android CI


  Add GATT Client functionality
  Generate pkgconfig file

Breeze Icons

  Bug 404810 add flatpak packages mimetype icon
  Bug 444452 Custom folder icons
  Use reference to a QString to avoid copying, fixing a warning
  BUG: 395569 places icon use ColorScheme colors (bug 395569 places icon use ColorScheme colors)
  Add RTL logout icons
  Missing color scheme usage at some icons
  BUG: 174203 add mail-download-now and mail-download-later icon (bug 174203 add mail-download-now and mail-download-later icon)
  BUG: 436931 update anacondainstaller icon to respect fedora logo (bug 436931 update anacondainstaller icon to respect fedora logo)
  Fix the dark install directory for installing colored icons (bug 444095)
  Install colored icons sizes into breeze-dark them as well (bug 444095)
  Make some of the 22 px places icons actually be 22 again
  Add Kongress icon fix grid alignment
  Fix color of 16px im-user-offline icon (bug 443658)
  Optimize places 16 and 22px icons
  BreezeIcon additional app icons most are for math apps
  BreezeIcons add task-process icons for kalendar app task view
  Add Joplin icon
  Add syncthing icon
  Move all of /preferences to icons, remove it from icons_dark
  Fix scalable test to check breeze for breeze-dark
  Make breeze-dark inherit from breeze

Extra CMake Modules

  Fix Wayland_DATADIR when cross-compiling
  [android] Extend NDK workaround to version 22
  msvc: Fix __cplusplus value
  Fix ECM on systems without PyQt5 on Python 2
  ECMFindQMLModule: Use QT_HOST_BINS to find qmlplugindump
  FindQtWaylandScanner: Use QT_HOST_BINS to find qtwaylandscanner
  ecm_add_test: add -DQT_FORCE_ASSERTS to compile flags by default

KDE Doxygen Tools

  Handle uppercase directory names (bug 441560)
  Remove whitespace in generic type definitions


  Add Android CI
  This framework is now LGPL-2.0-or-later


  Correct platform specification - we can be built on Android as well


  Dirty fields and update observers in Event and FreeBusy
  Dirty fields and update observers in Incidence
  Dirty updates in IncidenceBase
  Move IncidencePrivate and IncidenceBasePrivate to headers
  Simplify IncidenceBasePrivate constructors
  Rename incidence classes from Foo::Private to FooPrivate
  Copy improvements in recent changes to Event etc
  cmake: Port to using libical's cmake scripts


  KPluginSelector: Make sure to check if metaData/moduleInfo is valid before accessing it
  KPluginSelector: Allow KCMs to be loaded using X-KDE-ConfigModule keyword
  Remove unused internal method in KPluginSelector
  Deprecate KCModuleInfo in favor of KPluginMetaData API
  KCMultiDialog: Use deprecation macros to wrap internal KCModuleInfo API usage
  KCModuleLoader: Deprecate overloads using KCModuleInfo
  KPluginSelector: Port internally deprecated KCModuleInfo usage
  KCModuleProxy: Deprecate KService/KCModuleInfo overloads for constructor


  New KCompletion::setSorterFunction() to allow custom sorting by providing function (bug 442717)


  Exclude new enum-overload from python bindings build
  Enforce KAuthorized enums being not 0
  Create enum to to authorize common keys
  Do not try to generate python bindings for KConfigGroup::moveValuesTo
  Create utility method for moving entries from one group to another


  Fix auto color scheme switching
  [kcolorschememodel] Expose color scheme id
  [KCommandBar] Additionally sort commands by name (bug 443731)
  [KCommandBar] Don't display an indent for an icon if no item has an icon (bug 443382)
  [KCommandBar] Skip actions with empty text (bug 443732)
  Read proper color setting on Windows (bug 443300)
  [KCommandBar] Show information about a command in a tooltip (bug 438735)


  Adressee: use a vector instead of a QHash with ~8 elements
  VCard: Replace QMap with a vector of struct
  Addressee: deprecate insertEmail() and add a new method instead
  VCardTool::addParamter() should take by pointer
  Deprecate parameters/setParameters() from the public API
  Deprecate the unused Field class
  Replace country <-> iso code mapping with the new KI18nLocaleData
  VCardParser: less temporary allocations
  Don't use QTime::fromString() with format being a string
  Don't use QDate/QTime::fromString() with a string format arg
  Perf: Manually parse timezone offset
  VCardTool::createVCards(): split Adressee-related code to a separate method
  VCardTool::createVCards(): split Adress-related code to a separate method


  KPluginFactory: Provide more context for warning
  Add comments describing checks made before registering plugin
  Move utility method to read translated json values to dedicated header
  Improve deprecation docs of KAboutData::programIconName
  kcoreaddons_add_plugin: Avoid clash if app name and plugin namepace are the same
  K_PLUGIN_CLASS_WITH_JSON: Use name provided by kcoreaddons_add_plugin for factory
  Port internal readStringList usage
  Deprecate KPluginMetaData::readStringList in favor of value overload
  Discard KPluginMetaData::value overloads for python bindings
  KPluginMetaData: Add overload to interpret char array as string
  KPluginMetaData: Add overloads to read int and bool value
  merge the util's config.h


  Move more Linux-specific functions under #ifdef Q_OS_LINUX
  Add CMake option to build without X11
  Use imported target for X11


  GridDelegate: don't let labels overflow (bug 444707)
  Use a readonly property to control KCM margins
  [configmodule] Deprecate aboutData
  [ConfigModule] Allow creating KCMs without KAboutData
  [ConfigModule] Deprecate ctors that take KAboutData and KPluginMetaData
  Don't explicitly build shared libs
  Expose KAuthorized enum as dynamic properties to QML
  KCM GridDelegate: Display a blue line when the delegate has active focus


  Utilize KPluginMetaData::value overloads


  Fix wrong testcase
  [FFmpegExtractor] Remove FFmpeg 2.x/3.0 support, handle deprecations
  Fix version checks in FindFFmpeg.cmake
  [DublinCore] Also test terms namespace
  [PopplerExtractor] directly use getters provided by poppler


  Properly split exec line args (bug 444730)

KDE GUI Addons

  Remove unneeded lambda capture, fixing a compiler warning

KHolidays #

  Correct Name of last day of daylight saving time (bug 444615)
  Fixed typo on holiday_mx_es
  various holiday_* - assign explicit names for subregions
  holidays/holidays.qrc - remove trailing white-space
  Remove unneeded fstream include
  removed shabs
  added pakistan holidays


  Don't discard non-conflicting substring matches
  Fall back to the compile-time detected iso-codes location
  Use unique_ptr instead of managing memory manually
  Load Qt translations even if some catalogs are missing
  Add KCountry[Subdivision]::operator!=
  Forward declaration needs a matching export macro on Windows
  Extend README to cover the new features
  Move the new country/country subdivision/timezone code into its on library
  Add QML API for KTimeZone
  Add QML bindings for country/country subdivision API
  Fix offset overflows for ISO 3166-2 name lookups
  Integrate the Unicode normalization and prefix matching from KContacts
  Cache iso codes cache sizes
  Implement KCountry::fromName()
  Add timezone lookup by geo coordinate, and timezone to country mapping
  Make use of the spatial index for countries and subdivisions
  Generate spatial index for timezones/countries/country subdivisions
  Implement timezone by country (subdivision) lookup
  QGIS Python scripts for generating country/timezone lookup tables
  Add country and country subdivision lookup and translation API


  Add QIcon::fallbackThemeName() as fallback
  Fix @since marker
  Include a test for properly testing icon recoloring
  Also highlight charged text colors (bug 442569)
  Use KIconColors to re-color icons
  Make icon colouring a per-icon property rather than a system (bug 442533)
  Create a d-pointer for KIconEngine
  [KIconDialog] Also apply edge padding vertically
  Ensure we retrieve our dependencies on Android


  Relicense framework from LGPL-2.0-only to LGPL-2.1-or-later


  Remove code for loading libkdeinit5_foo.so modules


  PasteDialog: fix data pasting in Wayland (bug 421974)
  Find LibMount when building statically
  kdeinit is gone, use KDE_SLAVE_DEBUG_WAIT in kioslave instead
  [KFilePlacesModel] Specify which data roles have actually been changed
  Deduplicate KCoreDirLister before going through them
  Use CMake to check if copy_file_range() is available
  file_unix: make the read/write loop the same as the copy_file_range one
  file_unix: let copy_file_range() manage the fd's offsets
  file_unix: emit processed size change after each copy_file_range() call
  file_unix: only update sizeProcessed once per iteration
  KDiskFreeSpaceInfo: Remove redundant deprecation #if
  Deprecate KDiskFreeSpaceInfo
  fix KTerminalLauncherJob working with exec
  file_unix: fix copying status report
  file_unix: Refactor copy()
  KMountPoint: revert to parsing /dev/disk/by-{uuid,label}/ manually (bug 442106)
  CopyJob: handle the no-op case of symlinks on FAT partitions (bug 442310)
  SkipDialog: adapt buttons to more use cases
  Port to enum values for KAuthorized::authorize
  KUrlCompletion: Disregard the trailing slash when sorting directory paths (bug 442717)
  Deprecate Scheduler::publishSlaveOnHold as well
  Remove the last use klauncher in slave.cpp
  Remove cmake option KIO_FORK_SLAVES
  KFilePropsPlugin: Allow to edit properties when setFileNameReadOnly is set (bug 441847)
  Add easy Invent repo search
  Add invent web search keyword
  kcm_cookies: Embed json metadata
  kcm_webshortcuts: Embed json metadata
  kcmproxy: Embed json metadata
  kcmtrash: Embed json metadata and drop X-KDE-PluginKeyword usage
  scheduler: reorder to avoid the need for fwd-decl functions
  [KUrlNavigator] Fix first button text for local paths
  kuriikwsfiltereng: Fix quitting match logic if accidentally bang syntax is used (bug 437660)
  kurifilter: Add test to check if bang syntax is preferred
  Deprecate KAutoMount/KAutoUnmount
  file_unix: Fix endless loop during xattr copy (bug 441446)
  Improve "trash is full" error message (bug 442865)
  Don't use kdoctools on Android
  KDesktopPropsPlugin: open "Advanced Options" dialog with show()
  Adjust dependencies for Android


  Fix missing titlebar on ApplicationWindow modals in Windows
  NavigationTabButton: Set minimum width and wrap text
  Icon: Use icon-png as the default placeholder instead of icon-x-icon (bug 444884)
  Remove the no longer existing Units.qml file from the qrc files
  Add missing AboutItem to to the qrc files
  Cleanup FormLayout
  reliably drop component pools (bug 429027)
  [GlobalDrawerActionItem] Dim when disabled
  Small improvement in Api doc
  Pass properties when creating a dialog for pushDialogLayers
  Fix context drawer being inaccessible on secondary layers in mobile mode
  [PageRow] Fix variable shadowing
  [ActionTextField] Doc: Reword nullable field to an empty list
  [Breadcrumb] Fix breadcrumb position on content change
  Improve look of FormLayout section headers
  Fix punctuation/whitespace of runtime rate-limited deprecation warnings
  Always allow sidebar handles in header by default
  remove duplicated frile
  NavigationTabBar: Support actions that have mnemonics
  Heading: Lower all sizes
  Fix issues with setting components on tablet


  Take into account a possible QLocale::setDefault() override


  Handle all cases in switch(KJob::Unit) expressions to fix a compiler warning


  Do no longer remove -Wsuggest-override flag


  Port to enum values for KAuthorized::authorizeAction
  Make sure that we query KService with lowercase desktop names since it seems that KService stores everything lowercase (bug 417575)


  Fix Windows build
  warn when notifybypopup has pending notifications on destruction
  Add KNotifications QML plugin
  KWindowSystem is also not required on Android - but unlike Phonon is also needed on Windows
  Phonon is not required for KNotifications on Windows or Android

KPackage Framework

  Allow KCM kpackages to use metadata of C++ plugin
  Utilize std::optional to check if we have already searched for a KPluginMetaData object
  KPackage: Copy KPluginMetaData object when copying d-ptr


  Deprecate unused & internal method
  PartLoader::createPartInstanceForMimeType: Port inlined code from hack
  Un-Overload KParts::BrowserExtension::selectionInfo signal


  Emit deprecation warnings for central Kross::Manager class


  Deprecate RunnerManager::allowedRunners method


  Use KSERVICE_ENABLE_DEPRECATED_SINCE in header instead of BUILD variant
  cmake: Remove intermediate copy targets
  kservice.h: Silence deprecation warnings in inlined, deprecated code


  ViMode: Dont respond to doc changes when vi mode is disabled for view
  Expand katepart metadata (bug 444714)
  Set metadata when creating katepart (bug 444714)
  TextFolding::importFoldingRanges: get rid of UB (bug 444726)
  KateFoldingTest: don't leak ViewPrivate
  Simplify DocumentCursor::setPosition
  Highlight Folding Markers
  #37 Improve the context menu for selections
  Make the regex search fast
  Improve Appearance > Borders Dialog
  KateRenderer: Check for m_view being null in more places
  Fix leaving selectionByUser state
  Do not cancel mouse selection when using the keyboard
  [KateIconBorder] Handle annotations context menu
  Enable enclose selection by default for brackets
  Dont indent the lines if line already has text + noindent
  Improve Open/Save Advanced Dialog
  Better General dialogue for text editing settings
  [KateIconBorder] Add context menu


  Correct the eglQueryWaylandBufferWL_func prototype


  KTitleWidget: Lower all sizes
  KSqueezedTextLabel: Fix clipped characters (bug 442595)
  KMessageDialog: fix setButtons() being called twice
  KMessageDialog: disconnect default buttonbox signals as we emit done() manually (bug 442332)


  Fix the compiler warning by casting int to unsigned
  Link privately against XCB when building statically (bug 441266)


  Migrate "State" config entry to state config group if available
  Allow apps to opt-in storing state data in separate file (bug 397602)
  [ci] Remove unused kwindowsystem dep


  Introduce VoiceInterface Type
  Add signals to watch for interface changes
  Fix DBus signal connection


  cmake: use imported targets

Plasma Framework

  Deprecate KServiceTypeTrader containment action loading
  Deprecate standardInternal*Info methods
  Avoid creating a Theme object for every icon fetch
  Introduce dismissOnHoverLeave property and toolTipVisibleChanged signal (bug 444142)
  Deprecate plugin export macros in favor or K_PLUGIN_CLASS_WITH_JSON
  PC3 SpinBox: improve visuals and behavior, remove drag to change value
  Deprecate parentApp parameter in PluginLoader::listAppletMetaData
  PC2 ScrollViewStyle: fix scrollbar sizing
  PC3 TextField: Make focus frame not delayed
  PC3 Slider: get rid of HoverFocusSvgItem
  PC3 CheckIndicator: only show focus visuals for visualFocus
  PC3 Slider: fix tickmark positions
  PC3 ScrollView: remove ability to show background in onCompleted
  PC3 private/RaisedbuttonBackground: disable shadow when disabled
  PC3 private/ButtonBackground: reduce opacity when disabled
  Breeze button: Use more realistic shadow
  PC3/Breeze progressbar: update style, improve implicit sizing
  Breeze line: removed built-in blank space, simplify
  Breeze button: Use solid backgrounds for raised button pressed graphics
  PC3/Breeze sliders: add solid background, handle shadow, fix pixel alignment, fix vertical groove height
  PC3/Breeze scrollbar: update style and behavior
  PC3/Breeze radiobutton: improve style
  PC3 Control: use better implicit size calculation
  Fix crash in WindowThumbnail::updatePaintNode() (bug 444015)
  ExpandableListItem: Finally fix expanded height calculation permanently (bug 443755)
  Properly discard window texture provider when thumbnail item shows only icon
  Have Containment::restore also call its parent's Applet::restore
  Simplify code by using KPluginMetaData::value overloads
  Prevent tooltips from being incorrectly dismissed (bug 434657)
  Split window texture provider from window texture node (bug 439681)
  Make tab/right move focus to default action button or expand button
  Heading: sync with Kirigami version
  Ensure context menu is PC2.Menu, and open it relative to the item
  Fix context menu opening
  Add keyboard navigation to ExpandableListItem
  ScrollView: Do not overlay scrollbars over contents (bug 443173)
  PC3 Button/ToolButton: use down instead of pressed for background graphics
  PC3 TabButton: Add focus underline to label
  PC3 TabButton: Use IconLabel, set padding from theme, show background when no tabbar
  PC3 TabBar: improve implicit sizing, support spacing, remove pointless background, use 0 highlightResizeDuration
  breeze: increase tab top/bottom margins
  breeze: fix wrong element IDs for north tab margin hints
  PC3 Slider: set implicit handle size, separate hover/focus from shadow
  breeze: update slider style (bug 355889)
  PC3 private/IconLabel: simplify properties, add convenience display properties
  PC3 TextField/lineedit.svg: Add focus frame for visualFocus
  breeze: update button style
  breeze: update checkbox and radiobutton style (bug 355889)
  Use onPositionChanged instead of onContainsMouseChanged in ExpandableListItem
  Corona: save after ending edit mode
  Heading: Lower all sizes
  Add scroll support to calendar component in plasma frameworks
  PC3 checkbox/radiobutton/switch: left align IconLabel
  PC3 ToolTip: ceil label size
  PC3 ToolTip: fix pressed/hovered undefined error
  PC3 ToolBar: set spacing, remove pointless contentItem
  PC3 TabButton: set spacing, remove pointless background item
  PC3 DialogButtonBox: fix property undefined error
  PC3 ComboBox: make text field use parent palette, modernize code
  PC3 ComboBox: set cursor delegate to null instead of undefined
  PC3: Use shared Icon+Label implementation
  PC3 ComboBox: account for indicator and content size better
  PlasmaCore Units: Fix sizeForLabels icon size
  PC3: improve implicit sizing
  PC3 ButtonBackground: Don't load the background we aren't using
  PC3 Button: use same check for color group as ToolButton
  PC3 button backgrounds: remove TODO for required properties


  Decrease the preferred size for PDF417 barcodes
  Add PDF417 barcode support


  cmake: Use custom command instead of custom target for copy
  Set a title for JobDialog (bug 444205)
  Improve job window buttons (bug 444145)
  Fix whitespace punctuation in a warning
  email: Ensure we don't crash when there's no mailto preferredService (bug 443788)
  Make sharing via Telegram work again


  Pane: add missing Kirigami import
  Add Pane control
  Remove some id, this should improve the performance
  Do not set the palette for every component (bug 406295)
  [TextFieldContextMenu] Fix null property accesses
  [TextFieldContextMenu] Free the action function after running it
  Only re-compute the icon when it's necessary
  Don't change MenuItem's arrow's color when selected (bug 443453)
  Use KIconColors to color icons
  Implement Spellchecking using Sonnet for TextArea


  Implement ARM specific CPU info


  Build examples only when BUILD_EXAMPLES is on
  Fix applying highlighter in quick document
  data/parsetrigrams.cpp: ensure the output is deterministic
  Don't crash on null textDocument if suggestions are invoked
  Add missing qmldir
  Implement QtQuick bindings for Sonnet

Syntax Highlighting

  ' is a valid identifier part
  Fix the colors of modified and saved lines
  cmake.xml: Recognize CMake provided modules and functions/macros
  Remove *.nix files from Bash syntax
  Add Nix highlighting
  debchangelog: add Jammy Jellyfish
  update refs to improved Dockerfile highlighting
  bash.xml: Add Exherbo script file extensions recognized as `bash`
  dockerfile.xml: Use `bash` syntax for shell form of commands
  Specify byproducts for ExternalProject_Add call
  cmake.xml: Improvements to highlighting
  Add support of YAML in Fenced Code Blocks in Markdown
  Update GNU Assmebler syntax
  merge loadhighlightingdata_p.hpp with highlightingdata_p.hpp and rename KSyntaxHighlighting::loadContextData() to HighlightingContextData::load()
  add comments and inline in the header some functions
  loading rules in 2 parts to reduce the final memory used

Security information

The released code has been GPG-signed using the following key:
pub rsa2048/58D0EE648A48B3BB 2016-09-05 David Faure <faure at kde.org>
Primary key fingerprint: 53E6 B47B 45CE A3E0 D5B7  4577 58D0 EE64 8A48 B3BB


David Faure, faure at kde.org, http://www.davidfaure.fr
Working on KDE Frameworks 5

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