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Bart De Vries bart at
Sat May 29 21:31:44 BST 2021

On 27/05/2021 23:05, Albert Astals Cid wrote:
> El dijous, 27 de maig de 2021, a les 12:20:20 (CEST), Bart De Vries va escriure:
>> Hello everyone!
>> I would like to move kasts to kdereview.
>>  <>
>> Kasts is a podcast app for Plasma Mobile. It was started as a fork of Alligator, the Plasma Mobile feed reader. It currently features a play queue, play position resume/persistence, MPRIS2 support, and suspend inhibition.
> The left bar is super confusing on the desktop, the 4 first elements are "toggles" but Settings and About are not, so if you do About, Settings, About, Settings, About, Settings, About, Settings, Download.
> You don't end up in Download, you're still in Settings, and what's worse, now you have to press back like 10 times to remove all those About and Settings pages that are on the stack.

I agree with you here.  What you're seeing is the default behaviour of 
PagePoolAction with modal layers.
I've changed it now, such that Settings and About get pushed to the 
regular stack.  For this and other reasons mentioned elsewhere, I'll 
probably be porting away from PagePoolAction soon.

Next to that Carl Schwan has opened an MR [1] to introduce a less 
confusing behaviour of PagePoolAction.

> Import podcast defaulting to Planet KDE is a bit weird?

Fixed.  This was a leftover from Alligator.

> text: (!isQueue && entry.queueStatus ? "·  " : "") + entry.updated.toLocaleDateString(Qt.locale(), Locale.NarrowFormat) + (entry.enclosure ? ( entry.enclosure.size !== 0 ? "  ·  " + Math.floor(entry.enclosure.size / (1024 * 1024)) + "MB" : "") : "" )
> is a huge text puzzle that needs to be an i18nc call (or many if needed) so translators can rearrange things in the order that make sense in their language + translate MB

Fixed.  This has been replaced by a call to KFormat (as mentioned by Carl).

> Cheers,
>    Albert


Kind regards,
Bart De Vries

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