Adding a MimeType without breaking existing associations

Kai Uwe Broulik kde at
Wed May 26 18:20:07 BST 2021

Hi everyone,

the other day I noticed that Engrampa (MATE's archive viewer) could open 
some Windows EXE files so I could pull out self-extracting archive 
contents without running the executable. I found that this actually came 
from libarchive and was curious if flipping a switch in Ark could 
achieve the same.

Lo and behold it does! However, after I added Windows EXE as Mimetype to 
Ark it suddenly would want to open all my EXE files in it rather than 
Wine, something I am not willing to accept to suddenly happen 
unexpectedly after a system update.

How can I add this Mimetype to ark safely, without affecting existing 
file type associations?

Kai Uwe

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