AudioTube in KDEReview

Jonah BrĂ¼chert jbb at
Tue Jun 15 23:44:59 BST 2021

[I am sending this mail again as the original one got stuck in mailing 
list moderation, because I'm currently migrating everything to my 
new(er) address and forgot this list. If you see this mail again in the 
next days, please ignore it]

Hi everyone!

I would like to move AudioTube to KDEReview.

It is a client application for Youtube Music with a mobile-friendly but 
convergent user interface.

The data is fetched using ytmusicapi[1], which emulates the requests 
sent by the Youtube Music web client, and youtube-dl.

Due to both libraries being written in python, AudioTube uses pybind11 
to call the python libraries from C++.

The repository is located here:

Best Regards,



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