Progress is good for us but bad for documentation

Frederik Schwarzer schwarzer at
Wed Jun 9 00:20:23 BST 2021


we are all making progress but the way to notice it can be painful.
Looking at something you created years ago might make you cringe, but 
that's actually a good sign. It indicates, that you made progress.

KDE is making progress as well. Here the indicator is outdated 
documentation. There is still quite some documentation from KDE 4 times 
where the technology documented already moved on to more modern times.

And just as your résumé needs updating once in a while to reflect your 
newly acquired skills and references, documentation needs updating so it 
reflects the current state of KDE (as in software, places to 
communicate, go-to people for all the several parts of the projects, etc.).

I would like to ask you to report such documentation to me. We see the 
topic come up here and there but it then sometimes sinks into oblivion 
again because it was part of a merge request that has then been merged 
or so.

So to let me know, you can send me an email (on- or off-list) and I will 
create a ticket for it where further discussion can take place. Of 
course you could theoretically open a ticket yourself but we still need 
to find the best place for those topics. I will keep you posted on that 
one. :)

So what to report? Documentation that ...
- explains outdated technology or concepts like KDE 4 or HAL.
- has holes in it. For example a tutorial where you suddenly think,
   you skipped an important step.
- you wish was there but you could not find it.

Thanks a bunch. :)


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