New repo in kdereview: plasma-settings

Harald Sitter sitter at
Mon Jan 25 14:29:18 GMT 2021

On 25.01.21 08:05, Bhushan Shah wrote:
> Hello everyone!
> I want to move plasma-settings repo to kdereview, it is settings
> application used by the Plasma Mobile, it is based on Kirigami.
> Main difference between plasma-settings and original system settings
> application used in plasma desktop is, this code is much more lean and
> modern, it is my understanding that long term idea is to replace the
> original systemsettings code base with plasma-settings. But for now this
> is mobile specific.

kpackage is very grumpy during cmake stage

no appstream data :(

Not sure if intentional but ModulesModel actually doesn't constrain to
settings KCMS. It'd also display info center kcms as well as (I think)
plugin KCMS (e.g. krunner's)

not installing a hicolor icon

I am pretty sure l10n isn't working. I can't see the translations domain
set anywhere (mind you, kcms likely work; --help might now)

Along a similar note the package/ dir isn't covered by a and
consequently isn't actually i18n'd. I suggest moving package into src/
and the main into src/ as well and let it cover everything
inside. It'd clarify extraction responsibility somewhat.

might be worth making the source reuse compliant

some qml file lack license information (KCMContainer.qml, info's
main.qml at least - would be easier to check if the source was compliant ;))

I am very certain that lots of code inside modules/info/ was copied from
kinfocenter's about-distro but lacks any attribution to its original
authors *cough* including your's truly

password module has copies of org.freesktop.Accounts*xml at a glance
they are installed by accountsservice, you could just use the installed
versions instead of holding a copy


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