PSA: Please do not use KDEFrameworkCompilerSettings for non-KF projects

Friedrich W. H. Kossebau kossebau at
Wed Jan 20 16:10:03 GMT 2021

Am Mittwoch, 20. Januar 2021, 16:51:54 CET schrieb Volker Krause:
> How about we try to come up with an alternative solution for what looks like
> a wide-spread demand for centrally maintained high-quality compiler
> settings instead then? That might also make any kind of enforcement to not
> use this outside of Frameworks unnecessary :)

I have some idea how to extend the normal KDECompilerSettings to provide the 
option for this, by checking ECM_GLOBAL_FIND_VERSION to activate the addition 
of stricter settings, while having some cmake vars which set before including 
KDECompilerSettings allow to overrule that (compare also how KDECMakeSettings 
has variable flags to control what scope of settings is activated, like 

So people not bumping min ECM required in their projects see old behaviour 
(like released tarballs), anyone bumping to a certain higher version (usually 
where things got added) opts in, those variables set before allow to opt out 
still for certain things if not wanted.

Planning to turn a first draft into a MR tonight, for further discussion.


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