PSA: Please do not use KDEFrameworkCompilerSettings for non-KF projects

Harald Sitter sitter at
Wed Jan 20 12:51:15 GMT 2021

On 19.01.21 16:57, Friedrich W. H. Kossebau wrote:
> Hi,
> the docs of the module tell us:
> "KDEFrameworkCompilerSettings - Set stricter compile and link flags for KDE 
> Frameworks modules."
> And it has been meant that way. E.g. because extending those settings with 
> more strict settings or new features would be done with other KF-specific 
> requirements or policies in mind, always matching those of the current version 
> (given KF & ECM are released in-sync).
> Having to take care of backward-compatibility with non-KF usage and to do 
> proper documentation adds additional burden not wanted here.
> As convenient it is to not have to write out e.g. all the 
> add_definitions(
> )
> that needs some other solution.
> For ECM/KF5 times the train has left, we need to handle those existing abuses. 
> But please fix your projects now already by changing back to 
> KDECompilerSettings and the manual boilerplate, so in ECM/KF6 times that 
> burden is gone.

Perhaps there should be a unit test asserting this somehow?
LXR reports `247 occurences found.` so this seems a fairly wide spread
issue :(

Perhaps hardcode a list of all cmake project names that are frameworks
in ECM and then test that the settings are only used with one of them?
Just an idea.


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