New Git Hooks Deployed

Ben Cooksley bcooksley at
Sun Jan 17 04:45:11 GMT 2021

Hi Community,

This evening we completed the deployment of a significant refactor and
rework of the Git hooks that run on Gitlab ( each time the
system receives a push.

This moves us away from the `update` hook to the `pre-receive` hook, ports
the hooks to Python 3, refactors a number of parts of the hooks to make
them easier to work with and test in the future, and introduces some new

This new functionality allows for larger changes in certain circumstances
to still be notified in a  summarised manner, ensuring that it is still
possible to monitor changes to code in our repositories even when bulk
imports are taking place from time to time.

As the changes were quite invasive, please let us know if you observe any
unusual behaviour.

Many thanks,
Ben Cooksley
KDE Sysadmin
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