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Wed Jan 13 22:05:50 GMT 2021

On Mittwoch, 13. Januar 2021 21:57:13 CET Christoph Feck wrote:
> Hello developers,
> my personal situation allows for much less time for KDE
> related work, at least during the Corona times.
> I would like to retire as soon as possible from these
> responsibilities:
> - bug triaging
> - release service
> - KIconTheme maintainer
> - KPlotting maintainer
> - KWidgetAddons maintainer
> For bugzilla, I see many new and old contributors doing awesome
> work with triaging, so departing here shouldn't be a big issue.
> I hope someone can continue checking responses to NEEDINFO bugs
> and REPORTED bugs that didn't get a reply within about two weeks.
> Regarding the release service work, I have made sure the load
> isn't all back to Albert. For future release work, Heiko Becker
> volunteered to help, but maybe another hand would be awesome, too.
> For the frameworks modules, I initially assumed each module
> must have a separate maintainer, so I volunteered. Today I
> see many modules still just community-maintained, and I hope
> the community can take over maintainance. Not that I did any
> relevant work here in the recent years...
> I might eventually continue to prepare some patches, so please
> keep all my accounts intact, but only de-list me as the maintainer.

Thanks a lot Christoph for all your work! As I myself has had the pleasure of 
quasi-retiring but never quite leaving - may the same happen to you ;-) I.e.: 
Take your well earned break and come back whenever it suites you again!


Milian Wolff
mail at
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