Croutons in kdereview

Jonah BrĂ¼chert jbb at
Mon Aug 30 12:10:35 BST 2021

Hi Janet,

I know I have asked this earlier already, but what is the relationship 
between your library and QCoro?

Especially now that we are starting to use QCoro in some KDE projects 
(namely spacebar and plasma-dialer), it would be really unfortunate if 
they are not compatible.

The scope of both libraries seems to largely overlap, except for the 
future type that can be passed to JavaScript, which I think is something 
that QCoro is missing.

I hope this hasn't been asked already on this list, but I tried to check 
all replies I could find.



Am 29.08.21 um 05:10 schrieb Janet Blackquill:
> Hello,
> is in kdereview now
> Croutons is a library containing assorted functionality for dealing
> with asynchronous code in Qt, most notably a future type that can be
> passed into QML as a JavaScript Thennable (similarly to Qt IVI's
> PendingReply) and headers for C++20 coroutine integration for the
> Croutons Future types + some Qt types that make sense to co_await.
> The library is largely headers-only, sans the FutureBase, which has
> one (1) associated source file needing to be compiled into a binary.
> -- Janet
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