Skanpage moved to kdereview

Alexander Stippich a.stippich at
Sun Aug 8 17:50:17 BST 2021

Hello everyone,

Skanpage is now in kdereview. 
Skanpage is a scanning application and originally a concept from Kåre Särs 
from approx. 5 years ago. I started to work on it late last year and now 
deemed it ready for a wider audience. 
The main user-visible difference to the existing Skanlite is that it is 
designed to be a dedicated multi-page scanning application with PDF export. 
The main technical difference is that it is using QtQuick for its interface.

My plan is to directly ask for Skanpage to be included in KDE Gear if possible 
once it has passed kdereview.

Skanpage needs the 21.08 KDE Gear release of libksane. A lot of work has been 
done with the help of Kåre to untangle the QWidget-based KSaneWidget into a 
separate KSaneWidget and a logic interface named KSaneCore, where only 
the latter is used by Skanpage. The new KSaneCore component is released with 
21.08. In the future, it is planned to spin off the KSaneCore component into 
its own library without any QWidget-dependency.

Some features that are still missing from my point of view:
- missing keyboard navigation
- shortcut management
- missing authentication for access-restricted devices
- OCR (proof-of-concept available)
- in the far future: a convergent interface for networked scanners on mobile 

There are tons of errors  thrown when reselecting a scanner device. This seems 
to be an issue with Kirigami.FormLayout and the bug is reported. Also, some 
binding loops occur within the ScrollView, but the application still behaves.

So while certainly some features are still missing, I find Skanpage to be quite 
useful already and an improvement over Skanlite for document scanning, 
especially with ADF scanners.

Best regards,

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