stale MR triage

Harald Sitter sitter at
Thu Sep 17 15:57:32 BST 2020

GriaƟ eich!

In the KF6 BOF we were chatting about merge requests not being nearly
as actively watched because people didn't necessarily subscribe to all
projects. While that is a solvable problem by asking people to kindly
subscribe, it got us thinking that we should have a way to deal with
stale MRs in general. For all projects.

So.... here's the proposal:

We'll setup a new triage project (prototype at [1]; going to move)
that project runs a pipeline once a week that runs the existing
gitlab-triage tool [1] to collect all MRs that haven't received an
update for 2 weeks. The MRs are then dumped into an issue on the
triage project (ex at [2]). Anyone who is willing to help out with cat
herding can subscribe to that project and gets notified of these
auto-generated issues. We can then walk through the list of stales to
work out a solution for getting them moving (assign a helpful
reviewer, ping, review ourselves).

Any further thoughts?

[3] (feel free to deal
with items on this list already)


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