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Albert Astals Cid aacid at
Wed Sep 16 21:00:00 BST 2020

El dimarts, 15 de setembre de 2020, a les 15:11:42 CEST, Dan Leinir Turthra Jensen va escriure:
> Hello there :)
>   i've just moved Peruse to KDEReview. It is a comic book reader app and an 
> accompanying creation tool, both based on Kirigami, and targeted both for 
> desktops and mobile (hence the many email lists you may find this email on).
>   The current website is at and as you can see, there 
> have in fact been releases made of this, though they are some time ago and 
> based on Kirigami 1, which also has been causing some headaches for Neon, 
> whose maintainers have been requesting that i get a new release out (which of 
> course then requires that we actually sort out the current playground nature 
> of the project).
>   It should be noted that Peruse, when used as a generic viewer, uses the 
> Okular qtquick components, which we discovered recently are not packaged by 
> some distributions. It should be detected at runtime and Peruse ought to tell 
> you as much.
>   If you haven't got any comics to hand, do check out the store integration, 
> where you might grab in particular Pepper & Carrot Volume 1, which also will 
> show you some of the fancier features of the reader (such as frame-by-frame 
> navigation, originally implemented by Wolthera).
>   Look forward to seeing what people have to say about all this, and thank you 
> to Wolthera and Carl who already made huge strides in improving the project 
> over the years!

Missing i18n?

./src/app/qml/WelcomePage.qml:118:                text: "Peruse";
./src/app/qml/Book.qml:201:                text: "Reading Direction"
./src/app/qml/Book.qml:204:                text: "Left to Right"
./src/app/qml/Book.qml:211:                text: "Right to Left"
./src/creator/qml/AddPageArea.qml:236:                        text: "Transparent";
./src/creator/qml/AddPageArea.qml:241:                        text: "Inverted";
./src/creator/qml/AddPageArea.qml:293:                    text: "Page Index:"
./src/creator/qml/BookMetainfoPage.qml:123:                text: modelData.length > 0 ? modelData : "(unnamed)";
./src/creator/qml/BookMetainfoPage.qml:793:                text: modelData.length > 0 ? modelData : "(unnamed)";
./src/creator/qml/WelcomePage.qml:59:                text: "Peruse Creator";
./src/app/qml/FileFinder.qml:91:            label: "(go up one level)";
./src/creator/qml/Main.qml:154:        nameFilters: [ "Comic Book Archive zip format (*.cbz)", "All files (*)" ]
./src/creator/qml/CreateNewBook.qml:119:                nameFilters: [ "JPEG images (*.jpg, *.jpeg)", "All files (*)" ];
./src/app/qml/Settings.qml:108:            title: "Select a folder"
./src/app/qml/PeruseMain.qml:51:    title: "Comic Book Reader";
./src/app/qml/WelcomePage.qml:213:                property string title: "unnamed";

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