Peruse in KDEReview

Dan Leinir Turthra Jensen admin at
Tue Sep 15 14:11:42 BST 2020

Hello there :)

  i've just moved Peruse to KDEReview. It is a comic book reader app and an 
accompanying creation tool, both based on Kirigami, and targeted both for 
desktops and mobile (hence the many email lists you may find this email on).

  The current website is at and as you can see, there 
have in fact been releases made of this, though they are some time ago and 
based on Kirigami 1, which also has been causing some headaches for Neon, 
whose maintainers have been requesting that i get a new release out (which of 
course then requires that we actually sort out the current playground nature 
of the project).

  It should be noted that Peruse, when used as a generic viewer, uses the 
Okular qtquick components, which we discovered recently are not packaged by 
some distributions. It should be detected at runtime and Peruse ought to tell 
you as much.

  If you haven't got any comics to hand, do check out the store integration, 
where you might grab in particular Pepper & Carrot Volume 1, which also will 
show you some of the fancier features of the reader (such as frame-by-frame 
navigation, originally implemented by Wolthera).

  Look forward to seeing what people have to say about all this, and thank you 
to Wolthera and Carl who already made huge strides in improving the project 
over the years!

..dan / leinir..

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