Review of KGeoTag

Tobias Leupold tobias.leupold at
Sun Nov 29 23:01:26 GMT 2020

Hi Albert :-)

> > I can of course move to an KXmlGuiWindow if you think I really should.
> > Please tell me!
> I'm a bit biased, but i think it's better to have, like what if i'm an avid
> user and want to set a shortcut to the add file or to Save images actions?
> I can't because you're not using kxmlgui that gives me that for free.
> As said, it's not mandatory, but it gives niceties that makes apps "more
> consistent" amongst eachother.

Fair enough ;-) With 523fd1e4f0cf4853bb9a06ceea598e3d2b63ef33, I switched to a
KXmlGuiWindow, and with 37bd97c9fc022ec2d6501d77049277833a87f927, I removed
saving the window's geometry manually, as this is now handled automagically by
the XML gui.

> Also, you may want to add a KCrash::initialize call in your main to
> initialize kcrash and get the nice "this thing crashed report a bug"
> dialog.

Added with cb2f3c4575872b95897ccff94d666a81484ea9c9

Cheers, Tobias

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