NeoChat in KDEReview

Carl Schwan carl at
Thu Nov 19 22:27:24 GMT 2020


Tobias and I have been working on a Matrix client using Kirigami,
named NeoChat. NeoChat is still missing a few features to become
a full-featured Matrix client (most notably encryption support and
video chat support), but it is starting to be good enough for
interacting with public rooms. It is using version 0.6 of
libQuotient and is a fork of the (abandoned) Spectral client.

For the moment the feature supported are:

* Sending messages
* Sending files from clipboard and filesystem
* Reply to message (right-click on a message to access menu)
* Start a private chat (but not encrypted)
* Show notifications, for the moment there is only a global switch
to disable it. We plan to implement the configuration part of the
specification soon.
* Auto-completion of usernames in chat
* Emoji picker
* Basic room setting page
* Send and accept invitations
* /rainbow <message> (very important)
* /me <message>
* And more features are contently added

We already support a nightly build for Flatpak and a quite
experimental Android build.

The only external dependencies for NeoChat are libQuotient
(0.6.x branch) and cmark.

Concerning the release plan, we want to release an initial
version to ship with the Pinephone KDE edition. And once with
are happy with the feature provided by NeoChat (e.g. encryption
support) we plan on moving it to the release service.

We have an active Matrix room for discussion around NeoChat at

Thanks in advance for your review and helpful advice.

Carl and Tobias

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