KDE Frameworks 5.76.0 released

David Faure faure at kde.org
Sat Nov 14 10:09:31 GMT 2020

14th November 2020. KDE today announces the release of KDE Frameworks 5.76.0.

KDE Frameworks are 83 addon libraries to Qt which provide a wide
variety of commonly needed functionality in mature, peer reviewed and well
tested libraries with friendly licensing terms. For an introduction see


  Split CJK terms at punctuation characters, optimize code
  Refactor the code in preparation for ICU integration

Breeze Icons

  Add 48px dialog-warning icon
  Change style of media-repeat-single to use number 1
  Add more git ignored files
  check if file exists before removing
  Always remove destination file first when generating symlinks
  Add some color mode icons for Okular
  Add task-complete icons (bug 397996)
  Add network-limited icon
  Copy 32px kup symlink to apps/48 to fix scalable test failure
  Add meeting-organizer icons (bug 397996)
  Add fingerprint icon
  Add task-recurring and appointment-recurring icons (bug 392533)
  Temporarily disable generating icons on Windows
  Symlink kup.svg to preferences-system-backup.svg

Extra CMake Modules

  Make androiddeployqt find libraries and QML plugins without installation
  find-modules/FindReuseTool.cmake - Fix finding reuse tool
  improve default formatting options
  Include option to use LLVM for users with Qt < 5.14
  add missing minimum version for RENAME parameter
  Document when FindGradle has been added
  Add FindGradle from KNotification


  Convert the backend name to uppercase sooner
  Add helper to obtain the caller's uid


  Raise ambiguity in ICalFormat::toString() in tests
  Add COLOR property serialization from RFC7986
  Make MemoryCalendar::rawEvents(QDate, QDate) works for open bounds


  Port from QStandardPaths::DataLocation to QStandardPaths::AppDataLocation
  Add namespace support to KCModuleData CMake macro
  Deprecate KSettings::PluginPage
  remove reference to undefined header
  Move the KCMUtilsGenerateModuleData to correct place
  Push all pre-created sub pages of a KCM
  Add CMake function to generate basics module data
  Improve legibility of inline QML in kcmoduleqml.cpp
  proper header height with a placeholder
  [kcmoduleqml] Fix top margin for QML KCMs


  Find missing Qt5DBus dependency
  kconf_update: Allow repeated tests in --testmode by ignoring kconf_updaterc


  Change http: to https:


  Fix Bug 428276 - KContacts cannot be used in qmake project (bug 428276)


  KJob: add setProgressUnit(), to choose how percent is calculated
  Fix potential memory leak in KAboutData::registerPluginData
  Split suggestName(); the split method doesn't check if file exists
  KAboutData: deprecate pluginData() & registerPluginData()
  Don't quit the event loop in KJobTest::slotResult()
  Use functor-based singleShot() overload in TestJob::start()


  [abstractkcm] Set explicit padding
  [simplekcm] Remove custom padding handling
  [kcmcontrols] Remove duplicated code
  Add source to KDeclarativeMouseEvent
  reparent overlaysheets to the root
  Make GridViewKCM and ScrollVieKCM inherit from AbstractKCM
  Add getter method for subPages


  Fix xml formatting in contributor.entities
  Korean update: reformat HTML files of GPL, FDL and add LGPL


  [ExtractionResult] Restore binary compatibility
  [TaglibWriter|Extractor] Remove raw speex mimetype
  [TaglibWriter] Open the the read-write also on Windows
  [Extractor|WriterCollection] Filter out non-library files
  [EmbeddedImageData] Try to work around MSVC stupidity
  [ExtractionResult] Deprecate ExtractEverything, fixup since
  [EmbeddedImageData] Read test ground truth image just once
  [EmbeddedImageData] Remove private cover writing implementation
  [EmbeddedImageData] Move write implementation to taglib writer plugin
  [EmbeddedImageData] Remove private cover extraction implementation
  [EmbeddedImageData] Move implementation to taglib extractor plugin


  systemd dbus activation


  Keep aspect ration when upscaling


  Deprecate single-arg signal KIdleTime::timeoutReached(int identifier)


  Add support for RLE-compressed, 16 bits per channel PSD files
  Return unsupported when reading 16bit RLE compressed PSD files
  feat: add psd color depth == 16 format support


  conditionally compare with blank QUrl instead of / on Windows for mkpathjob
  KDirModel: two fixes for QAbstractItemModelTester
  CopyJob: Include skipped files in progress calculation when renaming
  CopyJob: don't count skipped files in the notification (bug 417034)
  In file dialogs, select an existing dir when trying to create it
  CopyJob: fix total number of files/dirs in progress dialog (when moving)
  Make FileJob::write() behave consistently
  Support for xattrs on kio copy/move
  CopyJob: don't count dir sizes into the total size
  KNewFileMenu: Fix crash by using m_text rather than m_lineEdit->text()
  FileWidget: Show Selected file preview on mouse leave (bug 418655)
  expose user context help field in kpasswdserver
  KNewFileMenu: use NameFinderJob to get a "New Folder" name
  Introduce NameFinderJob that suggests new "New Folder" names
  Do not explicitly define Exec lines for KCMs (bug 398803)
  KNewFileMenu: Split the dialog creation code to a separate method
  KNewFileMenu: check file does not already exists with delay for improved 
  [PreviewJob] Allocate sufficient memory for SHM segment (bug 427865)
  Use versioning mechanism to add the new places for existing users
  Add bookmarks for pictures, music and videos (bug 427876)
  kfilewidget: keep the text in the Name box when navigating (bug 418711)
  Handle KCMs in OpenUrlJob with KService API
  Canonicalize file path when fetching and creating thumbnails
  KFilePlacesItem: hide kdeconnect sshfs mounts
  OpenFileManagerWindowJob: pick window from main job correctly
  Avoid pointless probing for nonexisting thumbnail images
  [BUG] Fixing regression on selecting files that contain `#`
  KFileWidget: make icon zoom buttons jump to the nearest standard size
  put minimumkeepsize actually in the netpref KCM (bug 419987)
  KDirOperator: simplify the icons zoom slider logic
  UDSEntry: document the expected time format for time keys
  kurlnavigatortest: remove the desktop:, needs desktop.protocol to work
  KFilePlacesViewTest: don't show a window, not needed
  OpenFileManagerWindowJob: Fix crash when falling back to KRun strategy (bug 
  Internet keywords: fix crash and failed tests if delimiter is space
  Prefer DuckDuckGo bangs over other delimiters
  KFilePlacesModel: ignore hidden places when computing closestItem (bug 
  SlaveBase: document ERR_FILE_ALREADY_EXIST behavior with copy()
  kio_trash: fix the logic when no size limit is set (bug 426704)
  In file dialogs, creating a dir that already exists should select it
  KFileItemActions: Add property for min/max count of Urls


  [avatar]: Make numbers invalid names
  [avatar]: Expose cache property of image
  Also set a maximumWidth for icons in global drawer (bug 428658)
  Make quit shortcut an action and expose it as a readonly property
  Use hand cursors on ListItemDragHandle (bug 421544)
  [controls/avatar]: Support CJK names for initials
  Improve look of the FormLayout on mobile
  Fix menus in contextualActions
  Don't alter Item in code called from Item's destructor (bug 428481)
  don't modify the other layout reversetwins
  Set/unset focus to overlay sheet on open/close
  Only drag window by the global toolbar when pressed & dragged
  Close OverlaySheet when pressing Esc key
  Page: Make padding, horizontalPadding and verticalPadding properties work
  ApplicationItem: Use background property
  AbstractApplicationItem: add missing properties & behavior from QQC2 
  limit items width to layout width
  Fix back button not showing on layered page headers on mobile
  Silence warning about "checkable" binding loop in ActionToolBar
  swap the order of columns on rtl layouts
  workaround to make sure ungrabmouse is called every time
  check for startSystemMove existence
  ifix separator on mirrored layouts
  drag window by clicking on empty areas
  don't scroll by drag with mouse
  Fix cases when the reply is null
  Fix faulty refactor of Forward/BackButton.qml
  Ensure empty icon is Ready and doesn't get painted as previous icon
  Constrain height of back/forward button in PageRowGlobalToolBarUI
  Silence console spam from ContextDrawer
  Silence console spam from ApplicationHeader
  Silence console spam from back/forwardbutton
  Prevent mouse dragging from dragging an OverlaySheet
  Drop lib prefix when building for Windows
  fix twinformlayouts alignment management
  Improve legibility of embedded QML in C++ code


  KRearrangeColumnsProxyModel: fix crash with no source model
  KRearrangeColumnsProxyModel: only column 0 has children


  Fix erroneous logic introduced in e1917b6a
  Fix double-delete crash in kpackagejob (bug 427910)
  Deprecate Button::setButtonText() and fix API docs, nothing is prepended
  Postpone all on-disk cache writes until we've had a quiet second
  Fix crash when list of installed files is empty


  Mark KNotification::activated() as deprecated
  Apply some sanity checking to action keys (bug 427717)
  Use FindGradle from ECM
  Fix condition to use dbus
  Fix: enable legacy tray on platforms without dbus
  rewrite notifybysnore to provide more reliable support for Windows
  Add comments to describe DesktopEntry field in notifyrc file

KPackage Framework

  Make "no metadata" warning a debug-only thing


  Rip out AIX, Tru64, Solaris, Irix support


  Deprecate obsolete RunnerSyntax methods
  Deprecate ignoreTypes and RunnerContext::Type
  Do not set the type to File/Directory if it does not exist (bug 342876)
  Update maintainer as discussed in the mailing list
  Deprecate unused constructor for RunnerManager
  Deprecate categories feature
  Remove unnecessary check if runner is supended
  Deprecate defaultSyntax and setDefaultSyntax methods
  Cleanup defunct usage of RunnerSyntax


  Allow NotShowIn=KDE apps, listed in mimeapps.list, to be used (bug 427469)
  Write fallback value for KCM Exec lines with appropriate executable (bug 


  [EmulatedCommandBar::switchToMode] Do nothing when the old and new modes are 
the same (bug 368130 as follows:)
  KateModeMenuList: remove special margins for Windows
  Fix memory leak in KateMessageLayout
  try to avoid to erase custom-styles for highlightings we didn't touch at all 
(bug 427654)


  Provide convenience methods around wl_data_offet_accept()
  Mark enums in a Q_OBJECT, Q_ENUM


  new setUsernameContextHelp on KPasswordDialog
  KFontRequester: remove, the now redundant, nearestExistingFont helper


  xcb: Fix detection of screen sizes for High-DPI


  Add enum and declarations to allow passing capabilities in the registration 
process to NetworkManager

Plasma Framework

  BasicPlasmoidHeading component
  Always show ExpandableListitem buttons, not just on hover (bug 428624)
  [PlasmoidHeading]: Set implicit sizing properly
  Lock the header colours of Breeze Dark and Breeze Light (bug 427864)
  Unify aspect ratio of 32px and 22px battery icons
  Add margin hints to toolbar.svg and refactor PC3 ToolBar
  Add AbstractButton and Pane to PC3
  support exclusive action groups in the contextual actions
  Fix BusyIndicator rotating even when invisible, again
  Fix colours not applying to mobile task switcher icon
  Add plasma mobile task switcher and close app icons (for taskpanel)
  Better Menu in PlasmaComponents3
  Remove unnecessary anchors in the ComboBox.contentItem
  Round slider handle position
  [ExpandableListItem] Load expanded view on demand
  Add missing `PlasmaCore.ColorScope.inherit: false`
  Set PlasmoidHeading colorGroup in root element
  [ExpandableListItem] Make colored text 100% opaque (bug 427171)
  BusyIndicator: Do not rotate when invisible (bug 426746)
  ComboBox3.contentItem must be a QQuickTextInput to fix autocomplete (bug 
  FrameSvg: Don't reset the cache when resizing
  Toggle plasmoids when shortcut is activated (bug 400278)
  TextField 3: Add missing import
  Fix IDs in plasmavault_error icon
  PC3: fix color of TabButton label
  Use a hint instead of a bool
  Allow plasmoids to ignore the margins


  Add description to kaccounts youtube provider


  Fix ToolBar contentWidth binding loop
  Reference shortcut label directly by id instead of implicitly
  ComboBox.contentItem must be a QQuickTextInput to fix autocomplete (bug 
  Simplify conditional clauses in Connections
  Fix Connections warning on ComboBox
  Add support for qrc icons to StyleItem (bug 427449)
  Properly indicate focus state of ToolButton
  Add TextFieldContextMenu for right click context menus on TextField and 
  Set background color to ComboBox's ScrollView


  Add support for sshfs to the fstab backend
  CMake: Use pkg_search_module when looking for plist
  Fix imobiledevice backend: Check API version for DEVICE_PAIRED
  Fix imobiledevice backend build
  Add Solid backend using libimobiledevice for finding iOS devices
  Use QHash for mapping where order is not needed


  Use modern signal-slot connection syntax

Syntax Highlighting

  The "compact" core function is missing
  comment out the check, add comment why this no longer works here
  The position:sticky value is missing
  fix php/* generation for new Comments hl
  Feature: Replace Alerts w/ Special-Comments syntax and remove Modelines
  Feature: Add the `comments.xml` as an umbrella syntax for various comment 
  Fix: CMake syntax now mark `1` and `0` as special boolean values
  Improvement: Include Modelines rules in files where Alerts has been addded
  Improvement: Add some more boolean values to `cmake.xml`
  Solarized themes: improve separator
  Improvement: Updates for CMake 3.19
  Add support for systemd unit files
  debchangelog: add Hirsute Hippo
  Feature: Allow multiple `-s` options for `kateschema2theme` tool
  Improvement: Add various tests to the convrter
  move more utility scripts to better location
  move update-kate-editor-org.pl script to better place
  kateschema2theme: Add a Python tool to convert old schema files
  Decrease opacity in separator of Breeze & Dracula themes
  Update README with "Color themes files" section
  Fix: Use `KDE_INSTALL_DATADIR` when install syntax files
  fix rendering of --syntax-trace=region with multiple graphics on the same 
  fix some issues of fish shell
  replace StringDetect by DetectChar / Detect2Chars
  replace some RegExpr by StringDetect
  replace RegExpr="." + lookAhead by fallthroughContext
  replace \s* with DetectSpaces

Security information

The released code has been GPG-signed using the following key:
pub rsa2048/58D0EE648A48B3BB 2016-09-05 David Faure <faure at kde.org>
Primary key fingerprint: 53E6 B47B 45CE A3E0 D5B7  4577 58D0 EE64 8A48 B3BB


David Faure, faure at kde.org, http://www.davidfaure.fr
Working on KDE Frameworks 5

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