Telemetry information in Plasma

Aleix Pol aleixpol at
Mon Nov 9 16:32:06 GMT 2020

As discussed on the community mailing list, Plasma has been operating
with the telemetry information with the discussion having happened on
the wrong forum (being plasma-devel at instead of
kde-core-devel at It makes sense for the sake of consistency to
have the discussion now rather than letting it slide for posterity. If
there's changes required I'd suggest to address them on newer stable
releases (be it on 5.20, 5.21 or the LTS one).

Here is where we had the conversation:

Basically what we are requesting is (from Plasma at bulk, including
the Plasma shell and Discover):
- BasicSystemInformation Level:
Application version
Compiler information
Platform information
Qt version information

- BasicUsageStatistics
Usage time
Launches count (Discover)

- DetailedSystemInformation
OpenGL information
Screen parameters
QPA information

- DetailedUsageStatistics
Panel Count (Plasma shell)
Application Source Name (Discover)


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