plasma-systemmonitor in kdereview

Arjen Hiemstra ahiemstra at
Wed Nov 4 13:05:03 GMT 2020

On Thursday, 1 October 2020 14:11:16 CET Harald Sitter wrote:
> Cool stuff.
> L10n is currently a bit incomplete.
> Notably
> - the pages files lack any localization at all and I'm also not sure how
> those could be best localized.

As an update to this, this should be fixed for 5.21. The pages are now treated 
as desktop files and include the translations once things have been extracted.

Since that was as far as I know the last major issue raised during review and 
we did the release yesterday it has now been moved to Plasma proper.

Thank you everyone who reviewed.

- Arjen

> HS

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