Information regarding upcoming Gitlab Migration

Allen Winter winter at
Fri May 1 22:53:35 BST 2020

On Sunday, April 26, 2020 9:40:01 PM EDT Bhushan Shah wrote:
> [Please keep sysadmin at list or bshah at in the CC for
> replies]
> Hello Community members,
> In view of upcoming Gitlab migration, we sysadmin team wants to share
> the recommended structuring for the repositories on Gitlab.
> We had multiple options,
> - Flat structure: In this option we would have everything under one
>   single namespace/group:
> - Subgroups under top-level group: In this option we would have a groups
>   under KDE namespace:
> - Groups at top level: In this option we would establish a series of
>   groups at the top level, e.g.
> We have discussed this with small but representative group of
> contributors or maintainers, and based on their suggestions, we
> recommend that we go with option 3. Having sub-groups at top level will
> allow us to,
> - Provides good visibility on all reviews, tasks and other items within
>   the groups/modules we define
> - Provides improvements to discoverability of projects
> - Makes it possible for groups of projects to establish a group level
>   task board should it fit their needs (for tracking a release for
>   instance)
> - Makes the most semantic sense, as the ‘KDE’ top level group suggested
>   in option 2 is duplicative considering the Gitlab instance is under
> - The discoverability of projects is maximised, as there is no need to
>   open the top level ‘KDE’ group before going into the subgroup.
> I've worked on draft "move" of the current set of the repositories in
> their respective subgroups at the repo-metadata project's branch [1].
> You can browse the directory structure to get idea of how final
> structure on Gitlab would look like.
> If we don't have any objections we would like to implement this next
> week and move projects to
> Thanks!
> Bhushan for sysadmin team
> [1]
... to answer your original question my opinion is +1

I do appreciate all the work the sysadmins are putting onto this endeavor and I'm glad
we are making the move. I hope it happens next week as planned.


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