Information regarding upcoming Gitlab Migration

Nate Graham nate at
Fri May 1 22:03:43 BST 2020

On 5/1/20 2:09 PM, Ben Cooksley wrote:
> Unfortunately sharing of projects/repositories across groups does not
> impact on tasks and reviews.
> This means that merge requests for Planet (which is currently shared
> with "KDE") do not show up in the list of merge requests for "KDE".
> Sharing repositories allows for a global listing only.
Are you saying that if we put plasma-framework in Plasma and share it 
with the Plasma group, then its MRs won't show up in the Plasma group's 
MR list? And that if we put it in the Plasma group and share it with the 
Frameworks group, then its MRs won't show up in the Frameworks group's 
MR list?

If so, that seems like it defeats one of the points of sharing a 
project/repo across groups. :(

Is this fixed in EE, or is it just a bug affecting all versions?


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