pvfViewer in kdereview

Steve Allewell steve.allewell at gmail.com
Sun Mar 29 21:28:55 BST 2020

Hi all

pvfViewer (https://userbase.kde.org/pvfViewer) is moving to kdereview.
It is currently in scratch/sallewell/pvfviewer and the intention is to move it
to extragear/graphics when it has completed its review.

The application allows viewing and printing of PC Stitch Pattern Viewer files
downloaded from https://www.patternsonline.com

Because these patterns are only available by purchasing them from the website,
I have created one using the same file format so that it can be used for
testing.  I wasn't sure where the best place would be to upload it, or whether
to attach it with an email.  Suggestions are welcome.

I have tested the application with a number of files that were supplied by the
user that requested the application be written and all work correctly.



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