Gitlab Turn-off Issues

Kevin Kofler kevin.kofler at
Mon Jun 29 11:59:37 BST 2020

Ben Cooksley wrote:
> I should note that you can hardly call Gitlab crippled with the
> feature set it offers in the Community Edition, that is a gross insult
> towards what it provides capability wise.

The fact is that the Community Edition deliberately omits some features that 
are available in the proprietary enterprise editions, which is exactly the 
definition of crippleware.

> 3) Has a small upstream that isn't particularly open to external
> contributions
> I think that is a pretty good list of reasons as to why we started
> moving away from Phabricator, especially (3).

The thing is, GitLab is also not particularly open to external 
contributions, in particular, they are not going to add features to the 
Community Edition that they deliberately omitted, and if you submit a new 
feature, they can also decide to restrict it to enterprise customers.

So seeing this stated as the main reason for having switched to GitLab 
strikes me as very odd.

        Kevin Kofler

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