Gitlab Turn-off Issues

Nate Graham nate at
Sun Jun 28 20:46:56 BST 2020

On 6/28/20 12:28 PM, Ben Cooksley wrote:
> On Mon, Jun 29, 2020 at 4:28 AM Allen Winter <winter at> wrote:
>> Can we remove the Issues feature on all invent projects?
>> We're starting to see more and more people adding Issues.
>> For KOrganizer, bshah replaced Issues with Bugzilla.
>> I very much doubt we want or are ready to replace Bugzilla.
> As has been discussed *far too many times* already, we have NO
> INTENTION to replace Bugzilla at this stage.
> This matter has been discussed on many threads, including on this list
> in the past.
> Issues on Gitlab is intended to be the replacement for Phabricator Tasks.
> Disabling them would leave projects with no developer task management
> functionality, which would be highly undesirable as they are heavily
> used by a number of projects.
> Your request to disable them for all KDE projects is therefore declined.

The problem with this approach is that users familiar with GitHub or 
GitLab in other projects will not stop submitting bug reports using 
GitLab issues as long as it's turned on in its current form, because how 
we're proposing to use GitLab issues does not match the typical usage of 
the feature. I could see this situation being improved if we could 
rename "Issues" to "Developer Tasks" or something like that in the UI, 
and additionally deploy a template to every repo with a warning to 
submit bug reports using Bugzilla.

However the issue (har har) of users submitting bug reports and feature 
requests using GitLab issues is not likely to disappear without some 
kind of change.


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