Shift for parts of the CI system to Qt 5.15

Volker Krause vkrause at
Sat Jun 20 09:11:04 BST 2020

On Saturday, 20 June 2020 08:20:18 CEST Ben Cooksley wrote:
> Hi all,
> This weekend parts of our CI system shifted to using Qt 5.15, with all
> FreeBSD builds now being based on Qt 5.15. We also shifted all Linux
> builds of Plasma, and the latest Qt version build of Frameworks to Qt
> 5.15 as well (apologies for the massive amount of email this kicked
> up)
> It has however exposed a series of SIC changes in Qt which will need
> to be adapted to. The list of affected projects appears to be as
> follows:
> - kalarm
> - kdesdk-kioslaves
> - kompare
> - subtitlecomposer

all fixed

> - kaffeine

This doesn't look like something caused by Qt 5.15, more like an issue with 
the FreeBSD DVB headers, builds on Linux.

> In addition, the following projects appear to have long standing build
> issues. It would be appreciated if they could please investigate and
> correct these:
> - kbibtex


> - atcore
> - kmymoney

MSVC-only, or rather GCC/clang being a bit too forgiving. 

atcore looks like an ambiguous default argument, removing that should fix it, 
but since this is a public interface I didn't want to just change this, being 
unable to estimate the impact.

kmymoney is using an exported class in two DLLs with the same export macro, 
that doesn't work. Needs more insights into the project to restructure that 
accordingly I think.

> - ring-kde

build errors seem to be in stuff downloaded by cmake!?

> Further, the following project appears to have a broken build due to
> SIC changes within another KDE project:
> - zanshin



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