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Albert Astals Cid aacid at
Thu Jun 11 22:43:52 BST 2020

El dimarts, 9 de juny de 2020, a les 13:30:35 CEST, Carl Schwan va escriure:
> Hi,
> I would like to move Koko, a convergent image viewer, to KDEReview.
> Koko is already shipped in the base Plasma mobile image and I was
> surprised that it was still in playground. The current devs are mostly
> Nicolas, Marco and me.

Is this baloo based? I guess it would explain why I can hardly see any images.
Ah no, it only lists images from the "Pictures" folder, i see, kind of weird for a desktop app.

I think you have a memory leak in FileSystemTracker::reindexSubFolder, there's a FileSystemImageFetcher new'ed and i can't see it being deleted.

> From the release sanity checklist:
> * licensing should be ok (LGPL-2.1-only or LGPL-3.0-only or
> LicenseRef-KDE-Accepted-LGPL), but some headers are missing in the
> CMake files :/
> * A file is missing and help would be welcome to figure
> out if Koko need one since translations are regularly being pushed by
> scripty.

Yes you need one, Yuri already added it.

What you also need and you don't have is a call to KLocalizedString::setApplicationDomain("koko"); in your main.cpp

> * Screenshot is missing but I plan to add one before the release.
> * CI works and there is a .gitlab-ci.yml file.
> * There is an AppStream file.
> * There is some documentation on userbase:
> I plan to also update it before the next release.

I'm kind of unsure how i feel about it downloading things on cmake time.

Also the left bar seems to need some layouting fixes, there's an "l"  missing from the button at the bottom and the slider also can go "past" the bar as illustrated by the screenshot


> Carl Schwan
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